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Lard: Pure Chewing Satisfaction : Lard's Pure Chewing Satisfaction is a dark, frightening look at everything wrong with America. The lyrics are pessimistic and apocalyptic in the extreme. [REVIEW]
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  ·   Bored Song Intro Tab
  ·   Bozo Skeleton Tab
  ·   Can God Fill Teeth Tab
  ·   Drug Raid At 4Am Tab
  ·   Fork Boy Bass
  ·   Forkboy
Tracks: distortion guitar, electric bass (pick)
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  ·   Forkboy Tab
  ·   Forkboy Power
  ·   Hellfudge Tab
  ·   I Wanna Be A Drug-Sniffing Dog Tab
  ·   Mate Spawn And Die Tab
  ·   Pineapple Face Tab
  ·   Sylvestre Matuschka Tab
  ·   The Power Of Lard Tab
  ·   War Pimp Renaissance Tab