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·   Allegiance Of Hypocrisy
·   How Our World Is Destroyed
·   Waiting The Anticipation Game

Luck Wont Save You Chords & Tabs

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  ·   A Beauty Never Before Seen Tab Pro
  ·   A Beauty Never Before Seen Power
  ·   Allegiance Of Hypocrisy Tab Pro
  ·   Allegiance Of Hypocrisy Power
  ·   Alone In Reverie Tab Pro
  ·   Alone In Reverie Power
  ·   Conceptions Grazing The Psyche Tab Pro
  ·   Conceptions Grazing The Psyche Power
  ·   Doves Will Cry Tab Pro
  ·   Doves Will Cry Power
  ·   How Our World Is Destroyed Tab Pro
  ·   How Our World Is Destroyed Power
  ·   Locquaciousrapacious Tab Pro
  ·   Locquaciousrapacious Power
  ·   Murder In The Night Tab Pro
  ·   Murder In The Night Power
  ·   Salt Of The Catechism Tab Pro
  ·   Salt Of The Catechism Power
  ·   Stomp Down To A Breakup Tab Pro
  ·   Stomp Down To A Breakup Power
  ·   Tales Of A Pathological Falsifier Tab Pro
  ·   Tales Of A Pathological Falsifier Power
  ·   The Aesthetics Of Dreams Tab Pro
  ·   The Aesthetics Of Dreams Power
  ·   These Dead Stars Tab Pro
  ·   These Dead Stars Power
  ·   Unforgivable Tab Pro
  ·   Unforgivable Power
  ·   Verminous Fabrication Tab Pro
  ·   Verminous Fabrication Power
  ·   Waiting The Anticipation Game Tab Pro
  ·   Waiting The Anticipation Game Power