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Lunatic Soul: Fractured : While he's not the first to mix prog and synthpop this year, Mariusz Duda's brilliant new Lunatic Soul album offers the best mix of the two genres yet. [REVIEW]
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Lunatic Soul Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Adrift Chords
  ·   Blood On The Tightrope Bass
  ·   Crumbling Teeth And The Owl Eyes Chords
  ·   Gravestone Hill Chords
  ·   Lunatic Soul Chords
  ·   Near Life Experience Tab
  ·   Otherwise Tab
  ·   Out On A Limb Tab
  ·   Red Light Escape Tab
  ·   Summerland Chords
  ·   Summerland Tab
  ·   Suspended In Whiteness Chords
  ·   Suspended In Whiteness Tab
  ·   The New Beginning Tab
  ·   Wonderings Chords