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Miles Kane: Colour Of The Trap : Coming off this album Miles Kane has proven he is not just Alex Turner's mate, but a fantastic solo artist in his own right, perhaps even the best in the world. [REVIEW]
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Miles Kane Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   Come Closer Bass Tabs
  ·   Dont Forget Who You Are Bass Tabs
  ·   First Of My Kind Bass Tabs
  ·   Give Up Bass Tabs
  ·   Give Up (ver 2) Bass Tabs
  ·   Inhaler Bass Tabs
  ·   Inhaler (ver 2) Bass Tabs
  ·   Inhaler (ver 3) [ 4 ] Bass Tabs
  ·   Rearrange Bass Tabs
  ·   Rearrange (ver 2) Bass Tabs