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Morning Glory: This Is No Time Ta Sleep : Quality music is hard to come by these days, but now you have no excuse for not owning at least one good album. [REVIEW]
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·   Travel On
·   Gimme Heroin
·   Gimmie Heroin

Morning Glory Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Anti-Life Is The Antidote Bass
  ·   Circle N
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (pick), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   Circle N Tab
  ·   Circle N Guitar Pro
  ·   Gimme Heroin [ 3 ] Tab
  ·   Gimme Heroin (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Gimmie Heroin [ 3 ] Tab
  ·   Gimmie Heroin (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Long Live Revolution Rock Tab
  ·   Long Live Revolution Rock Bass
  ·   Not Another Christmas Chords
  ·   Not Another Christmas Tab
  ·   Operation December Chords
  ·   Operation December (ver 2) Chords
  ·   Our Job Is Ta Die Tab
  ·   Paternacide Bass
  ·   Return The Bomb Tab
  ·   Say Something True Tab
  ·   School Is Bullshit Tab
  ·   Seratonin Flood
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (pick), drums, applause, gunshot
Tab Pro
  ·   Seratonin Flood Guitar Pro
  ·   Steppin In Fish Jizz Tab
  ·   Summerburst Tab
  ·   The War Is Over
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel)
Tab Pro
  ·   The War Is Over Tab
  ·   The War Is Over Guitar Pro
  ·   Travel On
Tracks: acoustic guitar (nylon), harmonica
Tab Pro
  ·   Travel On Tab
  ·   Travel On Guitar Pro
  ·   Wasting My Time Tab
  ·   Whole World Is Watching Tab