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Mortician: Chainsaw Dismemberment : Chainsaw Dismemberment doesn't really offer anything brand-new from Mortician; the jackhammer guitar riffs, drum machines, guttural vocals, and horror-movie samples are all still in place, with better production than on their earlier material. [REVIEW]
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Mortician Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Be My Victim Tab Tabs
  ·   Blood Harvest Tab Tabs
  ·   Drowned In Your Blood Tab Tabs
  ·   Extinction Of Mankind Tab Tabs
  ·   Fod Tab Tabs
  ·   Incinerated Tab Tabs
  ·   Mortician Part 2 Tab Tabs
  ·   Rabid Tab Tabs
  ·   Reanimated Dead Flesh Tab Tabs
  ·   Slaughterhouse Tab Tabs
  ·   Zombie Apocalypse Tab Tabs
  ·   Zombie Apocalypse (ver 2) Tab Tabs