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Nuclear Blast Allstars: Into The Light : "Into The Light" is one of the company's first presents, given by no one else than RAGE composer and multi instrumentalist Victor Smolski. [REVIEW]
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·   Dysfunctional Hours
·   Dirty Wings
·   Schizo

Nuclear Blast Allstars Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Dirty Wings
Tracks: distortion guitar
Tab Pro
  ·   Dirty Wings Intro Tab
  ·   Dirty Wings Intro Guitar Pro
  ·   Dysfunctional Hours
Tracks: electric guitar (clean), distortion guitar (x4), slap bass 1, drums
Tab Pro
  ·   Dysfunctional Hours Guitar Pro
  ·   Dysfunctional Hours (ver 2) Guitar Pro
  ·   In The Picture
Tracks: distortion guitar (x4), electric bass (finger), pad 2 (warm) (x3), acoustic grand piano (x2), drums, voice oohs (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   In The Picture Guitar Pro
  ·   Paper Trail
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   Paper Trail Guitar Pro
  ·   Schizo
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   Schizo Guitar Pro