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Pestilence: Release Date For 'Doctrine' : "Doctrine", the new album from Dutch death metallers Pestilence, will be released in North America on July 19 via Mascot Records. [NEWS]
Pestilence: Testimony Of The Ancients : "Testimony of the Ancients" is the third album by the Dutch death metal band Pestilence. On the album after every song there's a half or one minute long outro. [REVIEW]
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·   Land Of Tears
·   Out Of The Body
·   Twisted Truth

Pestilence Tabs [ tabs ]

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  ·   Chemo Therapy Tab
  ·   Defy Thy Master Tab
  ·   Devouring Frenzy Tab
  ·   Land Of Tears Tab
  ·   Land Of Tears (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Lost Souls Solo Tab
  ·   Multiple Beings Tab
  ·   Osculum Infame Tab
  ·   Out Of The Body Tab
  ·   Presence Of The Dead Tab
  ·   Spheres Tab
  ·   Stigmatized Tab
  ·   Suspended Animation Tab
  ·   Testimony Tab
  ·   The Secrecies Of Horror Tab
  ·   Twisted Trust Tab
  ·   Twisted Truth Tab