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Quo Vadis: Defiant Imagination : The sound is great, nothing is like the first song of the album, Silence Calls The Storm, they pass from the hard riff to the totaly different style solo that sounds great. [REVIEW]
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·   Silence Calls The Storm
·   On The Shores Of Ithaka
·   Break The Cycle

Quo Vadis Tabs [ power ]

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  ·   Dream
Tracks: electric guitar (clean) (x2), distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (finger)
Tab Pro
  ·   Dream Power
  ·   Hunter Killer
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   Hunter Killer Power
  ·   Hunter Killer (ver 2) Power
  ·   I Believe
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), overdriven guitar
Tab Pro
  ·   I Believe Power
  ·   Silence Calls The Storm
Tracks: distortion guitar (x3), electric guitar (jazz)
Tab Pro
  ·   Silence Calls The Storm Power