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Radiance: The Burning Sun : Radiance is the progressive/power metal solo project of Necrophagist guitarist Sami Raatikainen. With "The Burning Sun", Sami has managed to craft a marvelous work of art like none before, expertly combining the best aspects of djent, progressive, symphonic, and power metal. [REVIEW]
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·   Downward Spiral
·   Conclusion
·   To My Knees

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  ·   Conclusion
Tracks: distortion guitar, string ensemble 1, drums
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  ·   Conclusion Intro Guitar Pro
  ·   Downward Spiral
Tracks: distortion guitar
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  ·   Downward Spiral Solo Guitar Pro
  ·   Downward Spiral Guitar Pro
  ·   Everlasting King Chords
  ·   Intensify Chords
  ·   To My Knees Chords