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  ·   Addicts Of Communication Tabs
  ·   Better Than Art Chords
  ·   Humanalogism Tabs
  ·   I Raise My Fist Tabs
  ·   Little Toulouse Tabs
  ·   Me And The Boys Tabs
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  ·   Now And Forever Tabs
  ·   Out Of Nothing Comes Nothing Tabs
  ·   Queen Ifrica Chords
  ·   Queen Ifrica Ukulele
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  ·   The Exorcist
Tracks: electric bass (pick), distortion guitar (x2), drums
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  ·   The Exorcist Guitar Pro
  ·   The Exorcist Bass Tabs
  ·   Where Our Heart Is
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (finger), drums
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  ·   Where Our Heart Is Guitar Pro
  ·   Whom To Blame Tabs
  ·   Working Class Radio Tabs
  ·   X-Ray Eyes Chords
  ·   X-Ray Eyes Ukulele
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