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Simple Plan Inspired By My Chemical Romance And Fall Out Boy : Simple Plan have admitted that they are inspired by the ambitions of bands like Fall Out Boy, Green Day and My Chemical Romance. [NEWS]
Simple Plan: Saturday [Single] : Simple Plan has released their comeback single off of their upcoming album. This is coming from a real Simple Plan fan: this track was a poor attempt at fishing for a hit song for radios to stream. [REVIEW]
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·   Perfect
·   Welcome To My Life
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Simple Plan Tabs [ drums ]

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  ·   Crazy Drum Tab Drum Tabs
  ·   Id Do Anything Drum Tab [ 1 ] Drum Tabs
  ·   Im Just A Kid Drum Tab Drum Tabs
  ·   Im Just A Kid (ver 2) Drum Tab [ 1 ] Drum Tabs
  ·   My Alien Drum Tab Drum Tabs
  ·   Perfect Drum Tab Drum Tabs
  ·   Shut Up Drum Tab Drum Tabs
  ·   Take Me Drum Tab [ info + Difficulty: novice ] Drum Tabs
  ·   United We Stand Tall Drum Tab Drum Tabs
  ·   Welcome To My Life Drum Tab Drum Tabs