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Philip Sneed: 'I Truly Believe It Comes Down To Songwriting' : Story Of The Year's Philip Sneed revealed that the majority of his day would be spent either writing or thinking about music anyway. [NEWS]
Story of the Year: Bassassins [DVD] : If you like live performances where you expect the band to sound good, this is not the thing for you. But if you want some circus to come with it, they go ahead and buy it. But I warn you that their sound is way way below their studio CD quality. You'll just be disappointed. [REVIEW]
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·   Until The Day I Die
·   Anthem Of Our Dying Day
·   Sidewalks

Story of the Year Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   And The Hero Will Drown Bass
  ·   Anthem Of Our Dying Day [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Anthem Of Our Dying Day (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Antidote Bass
  ·   Choose Your Fate Bass
  ·   Choose Your Fate (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Dive Right In Bass
  ·   Divide And Conquer Bass
  ·   Divide And Conquer (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Holding On To You Bass
  ·   Im Alive Bass
  ·   Im Alive (ver 2) Bass
  ·   In The Shadows Bass
  ·   Is This My Fate He Asked Them Bass
  ·   Page Avenue Bass
  ·   Razorblades Bass
  ·   Remember A Time Bass
  ·   Sidewalks Bass
  ·   Sleep [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Stereo Bass
  ·   Take Me Back Bass
  ·   Take Me Back (ver 2) Bass
  ·   Taste The Poison Bass
  ·   Ten Years Down Bass
  ·   Terrified Bass
  ·   Terrified (ver 2) Bass
  ·   The Ghost Of You And I Bass
  ·   To The Burial Bass
  ·   Until The Day I Die [ 7 ] Bass
  ·   Until The Day I Die (ver 2) [ 12 ] Bass
  ·   Until The Day I Die (ver 3) [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Until The Day I Die (ver 4) Bass
  ·   Until The Day I Die (ver 5) Bass
  ·   We Dont Care Anymore Bass
  ·   Won Threw Ate Bass