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Sunna: After The Third Pin : "After The Third Pin" stands strong in the Sunna repertoire, mixing many styles and although sometimes hitting and sometimes missing, the album is always interesting, and with every listen one can delve deeper into the fabric of the music and lyrics. [REVIEW]
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·   7 Percent
·   Power Struggle
·   I Miss

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  ·   7 Percent Chords
  ·   7 Percent Tab
  ·   7 Percent Ukulele
  ·   Feel The Blade Tab
  ·   Grape Tab
  ·   I Miss Chords
  ·   I Miss Tab
  ·   I Miss Ukulele
  ·   Insanity Pulse Tab
  ·   One Minute Science Tab
  ·   Power Struggle Tab
  ·   Power Struggle Bass