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Supertramp: Breakfast In America : The album where you put the cassette tape in, turn up loud on a bad day and stare at the sky at night. [REVIEW]
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·   Give A Little Bit
·   Breakfast In America
·   The Logical Song

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  ·   Bloody Well Right
tracks: electric grand piano, electric piano 2, electric guitar (clean), distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (finger)
[ 3 ] Tab Pro
  ·   Bloody Well Right [ 3 ] Power Tab
  ·   Breakfast In America
tracks: acoustic grand piano (x2), electric guitar (clean), electric bass (finger), tuba, glockenspiel, clarinet
Tab Pro
  ·   Breakfast In America Power Tab
  ·   Dreamer
tracks: electric piano 1 (x5), accordion, fretless bass
Tab Pro
  ·   Dreamer Power Tab
  ·   Dreamer (ver 2) Power Tab
  ·   Even In The Quietest Moments
tracks: acoustic guitar (steel) (x2), electric guitar (clean)
Tab Pro
  ·   Even In The Quietest Moments Power Tab
  ·   Give A Little Bit
tracks: acoustic guitar (steel) (x2), electric guitar (clean) (x3), tenor sax
[ 4 ] Tab Pro
  ·   Give A Little Bit [ 4 ] Power Tab
  ·   Give A Little Bit (ver 2) [ 4 ] Power Tab
  ·   Goodbye Stranger
tracks: electric grand piano, distortion guitar (x2), electric guitar (clean)
Tab Pro
  ·   Goodbye Stranger Power Tab
  ·   Sister Moonshine
tracks: acoustic guitar (steel) (x4), sitar, electric guitar (clean)
Tab Pro
  ·   Sister Moonshine Power Tab
  ·   Take The Long Way Home
tracks: bright acoustic piano, harmonica, soprano sax, electric guitar (clean)
Tab Pro
  ·   Take The Long Way Home Power Tab
  ·   The Logical Song
tracks: fx 4 (atmosphere), electric guitar (clean), alto sax, acoustic grand piano, woodblock, reverse cymbal, fretless bass
Tab Pro
  ·   The Logical Song Power Tab
  ·   The Logical Song (ver 2) Power Tab