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Tenacious D: 'There's Nothing Like a Big Truck to Make You Feel Like a Man' : The band's Kyle Glass and John Konesky sheds some light on the future plans for The D, the demise of Trainwreck, the formation of the Kyle Gass Band, and the current happenings in Kyle Gass' acting career. [NEWS]
Tenacious D: The Complete Master Works [DVD] : With pitchfork and shovel, Tenacious D has labored to finally unearth the first ever Tenacious D-VD from the fragrant bowels of Hades. For years, this turd has been spit-polished, massaged, and finally sanctified by both Jables and KG, and they are now ready release it to the world. [REVIEW]
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Tenacious D Tabs [ video ]

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  ·   Kickapoo Part 1 Video Lesson [ info + Difficulty: novice ] [ 5 ] Video Lesson
  ·   Kickapoo Part 2 Video Lesson [ info + Difficulty: novice ] [ 6 ] Video Lesson
  ·   Master Exploder Video Lesson [ 4 ] Video Lesson
  ·   Metal Video Lesson [ info + Difficulty: novice ] [ 3 ] Video Lesson
  ·   The Metal Intro Video Lesson [ 14 ] Video Lesson