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·   I Cant Seem To Make You Mine
·   Since K Got Over Me
·   Reflections After Jane

The Clientele Chords & Tabs

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  ·   6 Am Morningside Chords
  ·   6 Am Morningside Ukulele
  ·   An Hour Before The Light Chords
  ·   An Hour Before The Light Intro Tab
  ·   Bonfires On The Heat Intro Tab
  ·   Bookshop Casanova Chords
  ·   Emptily Through Holloway Chords
  ·   Empty Chords
  ·   Five Day Morning Chords
  ·   Five Day Morning Tab
  ·   From A Window
Tracks: electric bass (finger), electric bass (pick), acoustic bass, electric guitar (jazz)
Tab Pro
  ·   From A Window Guitar Pro
  ·   From A Window (ver 2) Guitar Pro
  ·   Geometry Of Lawns Chords
  ·   Graven Wood Chords
  ·   Harvest Time Tab
  ·   Here Comes The Phantom Chords
  ·   House On Fire Tab
  ·   I Cant Seem To Make You Mine [ 3 ] Tab
  ·   I Had To Say This Chords
  ·   I Had To Say This Ukulele
  ·   I Hope I Know You Chords
  ·   Isnt Life Strange Chords
  ·   Joseph Cornell [ 3 ] Chords
  ·   K
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel), acoustic guitar (nylon)
Tab Pro
  ·   K Chords
  ·   K Guitar Pro
  ·   Kelvin Parade Chords
  ·   Lacewings Chords
  ·   Lacewings Ukulele
  ·   My Own Face Inside The Trees Chords
  ·   Porcelain Chords
  ·   Reflections After Jane [ 4 ] Chords
  ·   Reflections After Jane Solo Tab
  ·   Saturday Chords
  ·   Since K Got Over Me
Tracks: electric guitar (clean)
Tab Pro
  ·   Since K Got Over Me Chords
  ·   Since K Got Over Me Guitar Pro
  ·   Since K Got Over Me Ukulele
  ·   Somebody Changed Chords
  ·   Somebody Changed Ukulele
  ·   That Night A Forest Grew Tab
  ·   The Garden At Night
Tracks: electric guitar (clean), overdriven guitar, acoustic bass, electric grand piano (x2), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   The Garden At Night Guitar Pro
  ·   Violet Hour Chords
  ·   We Could Walk Together Chords
  ·   When I Came Home From The Party
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   When I Came Home From The Party Guitar Pro
  ·   When Shes Tired Of Dancing Chords