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The Fiery Furnaces: I'm Going Away : If asked to label The Fiery Furnaces music with a single word, the first thing that comes to mind is difficult. [REVIEW]
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·   Rub Alcohol Blues
·   Tropical Ice-Land
·   Evergreen

The Fiery Furnaces Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Benton Harbor Blues Tab
  ·   Chief Inspector Blancheflower Chords
  ·   Chief Inspector Blancheflower Ukulele
  ·   Chris Michaels Chords
  ·   Chris Michaels Ukulele
  ·   Cousin Chris Chords
  ·   Cousin Chris Ukulele
  ·   Evergreen Tab
  ·   Here Comes The Summer [ 4 ] Tab
  ·   Inca Rag Name Game Tab
  ·   Mason City Chords
  ·   Mason City Ukulele
  ·   Police Sweater Blood Vow Chords
  ·   Police Sweater Blood Vow Ukulele
  ·   Pricked In The Heart Chords
  ·   Pricked In The Heart Ukulele
  ·   Rub Alcohol Blues Chords
  ·   Rub Alcohol Blues Ukulele
  ·   Sing For Me Tab
  ·   Slavin Away Chords
  ·   Slavin Away Ukulele
  ·   Straight Street Chords
  ·   Straight Street Ukulele
  ·   Teach Me Sweetheart Acoustic Chords
  ·   Teach Me Sweetheart Acoustic Ukulele
  ·   Tropical Ice-Land Tab
  ·   Waiting To Know You Chords
  ·   Waiting To Know You Ukulele
  ·   We Got Back The Plague
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel)
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  ·   We Got Back The Plague Power