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Johnny Marr On Fender Signature Guitar: 'It Was Such A Privilege' : Marr talked at length about the new instrument, life with the Smiths, and how limitations can be a good thing musically speaking. [NEWS]
The Smiths: Strangeways, Here We Come : "Strangeways, Here We Come" has been described as an album frozen in time due to The Smiths imminent split, meaning fans were denied the opportunity to hear the songs live. It is generally celebrated as a triumphant swansong. [REVIEW]
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·   There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
·   This Charming Man
·   Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

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  ·   This Charming Man Video Lesson [ info + Difficulty: intermediate ] [ 5 ] Video Lesson
  ·   This Charming Man (ver 2) Video Lesson [ info + Difficulty: intermediate ] Video Lesson