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Thursday On New Album: 'Extremely Creative, Extremely Experimental' : Thursday's keyboardist/songwriter Andrew Everding talks about the band's progress and how far they've come since the group's formation. [NEWS]
Thursday: Kill The House Lights [DVD] : This is a compilation album by New Jersey rock group Thursday. The album includes many unreleased versions of older songs as well as three new songs. It also includes a DVD with a documentary on the band and live performances. [REVIEW]
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·   War All The Time
·   Understanding In A Car Crash
·   Signals Over The Air

Thursday Tabs [ bass ]

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  ·   A Hole In The World Bass
  ·   Asleep In The Chapel Bass
  ·   At This Velocity Bass
  ·   Autobiography Of A Nation Bass
  ·   Autumn Leaves Revisited Bass
  ·   Between Rupture And Rapture Bass
  ·   Concealer Bass
  ·   Counting 5-4-3-2-1 [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Cross Out The Eyes Bass
  ·   Division St Bass
  ·   For The Workforce Drowning Bass
  ·   Friends In The Armed Forces Bass
  ·   How Long Is The Night Bass
  ·   I Am The Killer Bass
  ·   I Hope Youre Alone Intro Bass
  ·   In Transmission Bass
  ·   Jet Black New Year [ 3 ] Bass
  ·   Love Song Writer Bass
  ·   M Shepard Bass
  ·   Marches And Maneuvers Bass
  ·   Other Side Of The Crash Bass
  ·   Paris In Flames Bass
  ·   Porcelain Bass
  ·   Signals Over The Air Bass
  ·   Standing On The Edge Of Summer Bass
  ·   Steaks In The Sky Bass
  ·   Steps Ascending Bass
  ·   This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb Bass
  ·   Tomorrow Ill Be You Bass
  ·   Understanding In A Car Crash Bass
  ·   War All The Time [ 6 ] Bass
  ·   War All The Time (ver 2) [ 7 ] Bass
  ·   War All The Time (ver 3) Bass
  ·   War All The Time (ver 4) Bass