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Tony Banks Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Angel Face
Tracks: english horn, acoustic bass, electric guitar (clean), synth bass 2, distortion guitar, string ensemble 2, acoustic grand piano (x4), drums, acoustic guitar (steel) (x2)
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  ·   Angel Face Guitar Pro
  ·   Another Murder Of A Day
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel), vibraphone, bright acoustic piano, pad 2 (warm), reverse cymbal, drums, fx 1 (rain), synth strings 2, string ensemble 1, overdriven guitar, french horn, lead 8 (bass + lead)
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  ·   Another Murder Of A Day Guitar Pro
  ·   Back To Back
Tracks: drums, electric guitar (muted), synth bass 1, overdriven guitar, string ensemble 1, koto (x2), lead 3 (calliope), shakuhachi, electric bass (finger), orchestra hit, distortion guitar (x2), string ensemble 2
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  ·   Back To Back Guitar Pro
  ·   For A While
Tracks: electric guitar (jazz), clarinet, electric bass (finger), string ensemble 2, synth brass 1, lead 2 (sawtooth), rock organ, acoustic grand piano, tenor sax (x2), drums
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  ·   For A While Guitar Pro
  ·   I Wanna Change The Score
Tracks: overdriven guitar, electric bass (pick), harpsichord, drums (x2), pad 3 (polysynth), flute
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  ·   I Wanna Change The Score Guitar Pro
  ·   Lucky Me
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel), acoustic guitar (nylon), electric bass (finger), woodblock, lead 2 (sawtooth) (x2), drawbar organ, english horn, drums, lead 8 (bass + lead) (x2), ocarina
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  ·   Lucky Me Guitar Pro
  ·   The Final Curtain
Tracks: electric guitar (clean), drums, electric bass (finger), string ensemble 2, electric piano 1, brass section, synth strings 1, oboe, pad 4 (choir), pan flute
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  ·   The Final Curtain Guitar Pro
  ·   The Gift
Tracks: distortion guitar, drums (x2), synth bass 1, clavinet, synth strings 2, vibraphone, brass section
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  ·   The Gift Guitar Pro
  ·   The Lie
Tracks: electric piano 2, electric bass (finger), synth strings 1, vibraphone, drawbar organ, electric guitar (clean), overdriven guitar, choir aahs, drums, tubular bells, electric grand piano, acoustic grand piano
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  ·   The Lie Guitar Pro
  ·   You
Tracks: acoustic grand piano, electric bass (finger), lead 8 (bass + lead), vibraphone, lead 1 (square), rock organ, pad 2 (warm), electric guitar (jazz), acoustic guitar (steel), drums, flute, string ensemble 1, choir aahs, whistle, oboe
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  ·   You Guitar Pro