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Tool Producer David Bottrill: How We Got That Drum Sound on 'Aenima' : The man who also produced "Lateralus" shares a few behind-the-scenes tricks that delivered the magic. [NEWS]
Tool: Obliquus Externus : For 66 minutes, the listener will stand still. After that, nothing will be the same. Your life will change. It's the new Tool album, briefly leaked by a group of hackers this morning. [REVIEW]
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  ·   Cold And Ugly Drum Tabs
  ·   Crawl Away Drum Tabs
  ·   Eulogy Drum Tabs
  ·   Eulogy (ver 2) Drum Tabs
  ·   Lateralus [ 4 ] Drum Tabs
  ·   Opiate Drum Tabs
  ·   Parabola Drum Tabs
  ·   Parabola (ver 2) Drum Tabs
  ·   Schism Drum Tabs
  ·   Sweat Drum Tabs
  ·   The Grudge Drum Tabs
  ·   Third Eye Drum Tabs
  ·   Ticks And Leeches Drum Tabs
  ·   Ticks Leeches Intro Drum Tabs