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Troll Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Beauty Slept In Cemetary
Tracks: acoustic grand piano, electric bass (finger), drums, choir aahs, distortion guitar
Tab Pro
  ·   Beauty Slept In Cemetary Guitar Pro
  ·   Black Heart Of Immortal Widow
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (pick), drums, church organ
Tab Pro
  ·   Black Heart Of Immortal Widow Guitar Pro
  ·   Death To The Underworld Intro Tab
  ·   Drep De Kristne Tab
  ·   I Et Hedensk Land Tab
  ·   Jag Såg Mamma Kyssa Tomten [ 3 ] Chords
  ·   Jimmy Dean Chords
  ·   Naar Natten Endelig Er Her Tab
  ·   Over Daudens Kolde Mark Tab
  ·   Punk Funny
Tracks: distortion guitar, electric bass (pick), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   Punk Funny Guitar Pro
  ·   Road From Horison
Tracks: distortion guitar (x3), electric bass (finger), drums
Tab Pro
  ·   Road From Horison Guitar Pro
  ·   Troll Riket
Tracks: acoustic grand piano, string ensemble 2, drums, distortion guitar, glockenspiel, choir aahs
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  ·   Troll Riket Guitar Pro
  ·   Trollberg Tab
  ·   Trollberg (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Trollstorm Over Nidinggjuv Tab