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·   Die For Your Government
·   Protest And Survive
·   United We Stand

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  ·   All Systems Fail Tab
  ·   Android Tab
  ·   Another Religion Tab
  ·   Die For Your Government Tab
  ·   Die For Your Government (ver 2) Tab
  ·   Die For Your Government Bass
  ·   Dont Conform Tab
  ·   I Dont Wanna Be A Victim Tab
  ·   Massacred Millions Bass
  ·   No Hope Of A Future Tab
  ·   Nowhere To Go Intro Tab
  ·   Protest And Survive Tab
  ·   Seek Shelter In Hell Tab
  ·   Tell Us What We All Wanna Hear Tab
  ·   The End Is Nigh Tab
  ·   United We Stand Intro Tab
  ·   United We Stand Tab
  ·   Will They Ever Learn Tab