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Yuzo Koshiro Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Bar Man Mo
Tracks: dulcimer, pizzicato strings, string ensemble 2, acoustic guitar (steel), drums
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  ·   Bar Man Mo Guitar Pro
  ·   Beautiful China Shop
Tracks: marimba (x3), acoustic guitar (steel)
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  ·   Beautiful China Shop Guitar Pro
  ·   Beverly Hills Warf
Tracks: tremolo strings (x2), acoustic grand piano (x2)
Tab Pro
  ·   Beverly Hills Warf Guitar Pro
  ·   Earth Sea
Tracks: string ensemble 1 (x2), timpani, xylophone
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  ·   Earth Sea Guitar Pro
  ·   Fangmei
Tracks: vibraphone, marimba, shamisen (x2), string ensemble 1, drums (x2), pizzicato strings, timpani
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  ·   Fangmei Guitar Pro
  ·   Green Market Quarter
Tracks: koto, string ensemble 1, drums, ocarina, shakuhachi
Tab Pro
  ·   Green Market Quarter Guitar Pro
  ·   Land Of Eternity
Tracks: acoustic grand piano (x2), french horn, timpani, string ensemble 1 (x2), tuba, orchestral harp, drums, pizzicato strings, piccolo, oboe, trombone
Tab Pro
  ·   Land Of Eternity Guitar Pro
  ·   Lucky Lee Bar
Tracks: dulcimer, steel drums, music box, marimba
Tab Pro
  ·   Lucky Lee Bar Guitar Pro
  ·   Practicing Palm Move On Tree
Tracks: flute (x2), pad 2 (warm), string ensemble 1 (x2), shamisen, tubular bells (x2), celesta, vibraphone, taiko drum, drums, xylophone, seashore
Tab Pro
  ·   Practicing Palm Move On Tree Guitar Pro
  ·   Rain
Tracks: acoustic grand piano (x2)
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  ·   Rain Guitar Pro
  ·   Shenmue Rain Tab
  ·   Shenmue Theme
Tracks: orchestral harp
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  ·   Shenmue Theme Tab
  ·   Shenmue Theme Guitar Pro
  ·   Tomato Mart
Tracks: string ensemble 2, acoustic bass, electric bass (pick), brass section, electric grand piano, string ensemble 1, drums
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  ·   Tomato Mart Guitar Pro
  ·   Wave Sound Of Morning
Tracks: string ensemble 1 (x3), tuba, shamisen, orchestral harp, timpani, drums, french horn (x2)
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  ·   Wave Sound Of Morning Guitar Pro
  ·   Ys Vanished Omen Palace Of Destruction
Tracks: overdriven guitar (x2), electric bass (finger)
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  ·   Ys Vanished Omen Palace Of Destruction Power