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Zack Hexum: The Story So Far : This album is very good. This is great "metro music" if you will and is very well done. [REVIEW]
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·   Met A Girl Like You Once
·   How Many Times
·   Simple City

Zack Hexum Chords & Tabs

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  ·   Realistic Fantasy (album) Chords
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  ·   All I Want Chords
  ·   Disconnected Tab
  ·   Done Him Wrong Chords
  ·   Easy For You Chords
  ·   Guiding Star Save The Date Chords
  ·   Guiding Star Save The Date Ukulele
  ·   How Many Times Chords
  ·   How Many Times Ukulele
  ·   Little City Driver Tab
  ·   Long Distance Chords
  ·   Long Distance (ver 2) Chords
  ·   Met A Girl Like You Once Chords
  ·   Met A Girl Like You Once Ukulele
  ·   Never Happens Chords
  ·   Never Happens Ukulele
  ·   One Spin Chords
  ·   One Spin Ukulele
  ·   Only A Rehearsal Tab
  ·   Open To Close Tab
  ·   Outside Opinion Tab
  ·   Princess Of Darkness Chords
  ·   Realistic Fantasy Chords
  ·   Rushing Back Chords
  ·   Rushing Back Ukulele
  ·   Simple City Chords
  ·   Simple City Ukulele
  ·   Some Of The Time Tab
  ·   Spicey Streak Chords
  ·   Spicey Streak Ukulele
  ·   Sun Still Shines Chords
  ·   Sun Still Shines Ukulele
  ·   Treat Me Bad Chords
  ·   Treat Me Bad Ukulele
  ·   Two Times Two Chords
  ·   Two Times Two Ukulele
  ·   V-Flyer Chords
  ·   We Wont Be Tab
  ·   What If I Chords
  ·   What If I Ukulele
  ·   Who Knew Tab
  ·   Work Of Art Tab