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Zebrahead: Walk The Plank : This is a fresh new face for Zebrahead, and for a band that's been around for so long, they've done a great job avoiding stagnancy. [REVIEW]
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Zebrahead Tabs [ power ]

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updated: 03/20/2017 type: all / guitar / bass / pro / ukulele sort by: name / date
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  ·   Alone
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), guitar fret noise, electric bass (finger)
Tab Pro
  ·   Alone Power Tab
  ·   Anthem
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), electric bass (finger)
Tab Pro
  ·   Anthem Power Tab
  ·   Back To Normal
Tracks: acoustic guitar (steel), distortion guitar (x2), electric guitar (clean) (x2), electric bass (pick)
Tab Pro
  ·   Back To Normal Power Tab
  ·   Fall Apart
Tracks: distortion guitar (x2), overdriven guitar
[ 3 ] Tab Pro
  ·   Fall Apart [ 3 ] Power Tab
  ·   Playmate Of The Year
Tracks: distortion guitar (x3), drawbar organ, electric bass (finger)
Tab Pro
  ·   Playmate Of The Year Power Tab