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Paul Mccartney's Plan To Save The Planet | music news
Paul proposes a "meat free monday" to reduce the effect of livestock on climate change. Meanwhile, hear his new charity single to support families affected in the Hillsborough disaster.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 11:51am

[ news ]
Mumford & Sons Writing New Album | new releases
They won't rest after the success of "Babel", and are planning a new album and live events for 2013 already.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 12:19pm

[ news ]
No More Aerosmith Albums? | music news
Joe Perry says Aerosmith might not make another record, after disappointing sales of "Music From Another Dimension". Is it time for these rock legends to hang up their guitars?

POSTED: 12/07/2012 12:35pm

[ news ]
Benante Lost All Hope Of Anthrax Grammy | music news
Anthrax mainman Charlie Benante admits he'd given up all hope of a fourth Grammy nomination.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 12:52pm

[ news ]
Tool Singer Addresses 'difficult Interview' Reputation | interviews
Tool singer Maynard James Keenan has addressed his reputation for being a very difficult interview in the latest installment of his bi-weekly online column.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 12:59pm

[ news ]
Dave Mustaine Tells Fans To Revolt Against Obama | music news
Dave Mustaine said that Obama added more to national debt than previous 43 presidents combined.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 01:33pm

[ news ]
Thom Yorke's Atoms For Peace Hide Secret Track On Website | music news
The free download can be found on the band's interactive website.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 01:53pm

[ news ]
It's The End Of The Week As We Know It: Part 79 | wtf?
Once I put on my headphones today, my music wasn't sounding right. Nothing seemed to resonate. Metal, classical, funk, electronic... none of it hit the spot.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 01:54pm

[ news ]
Top 10 Best Singers Of All Time | wtf?
UG readers voted for the greatest voices in music history - here's the results. Did your favorite make it to the top 10?

POSTED: 12/07/2012 02:44pm

[ news ]
Metallica On Spotify: What Does It Mean? | music news
On Thursday December 6th, Ulrich and Parker took to a stage together in New York alongside Spotify CEO Daniel Ek.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 03:02pm

[ news ]
Friday Fun: Power Metal Screams | wtf?
Nothing screams metal more than a metal scream. See what we did there? Check out an immense compilation of power metal screams here.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 03:12pm

[ news ]
Album Of The Year: Place Your Votes | ug news
Come and vote for your favorite album of 2012 in this poll, and we'll post the results in time for the holidays.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 03:17pm

[ news ]
Passion Over Perfection | songwriting
Do you sit down and attempt to write a song and find your self feeling like your trapped, lost or everything you've learned on any instrument didn't help you at all? Well take a moment and read this, It is probably the number 1 lesson any musician should know.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 02:22pm

[ lessons ]
A Lesson For Both Guitarists And Bass Players: Chords And Their Use | for beginners
This should make your understanding about chords deeper, and pave you a new way of their use.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 02:38pm

[ lessons ]
The Fall: Live At The Witch Trials | compact discs
Released: Mar 16, 1979. Genre: Post-Punk. Label: Step Forward. Number Of Tracks: 11. To this day, this album remains to me as a very unique piece of music in the post punk scene and as the holder of The Fall's musical DNA.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 07:30am

[ reviews ]
Zvex: Mastotron | Guitar Effects
This is a fuzz pedal from Mr. Vex which I picked up on recommendation over a Big Muff, and at twice the price it is definitely more than twice as good! Getting a good sound of it is easy.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 08:17am

[ reviews ]
Wood Song: Jc | Acoustic Guitars
I am mostly a finger picker, and this jumbo just might be the best suited guitar I have owned. It has a fullness and clarity which I have never had before.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 08:38am

[ reviews ]
Douglas: Wrl-590 | Electric Guitars
I play many genres of music, but I bought this guitar for teh metulz. The specs seemed nice and too good to be true. The guitar plays well, sounds well, and only 200$.

POSTED: 12/07/2012 09:24am

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