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Thin Lizzy Announce New Name, New Line Up | new releases
The band are now called Black Star Riders.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 11:20am

[ news ]
Slash Release 360 Performance On Ios | new releases
His new video is an immersive app experience which lets you watch their performance and move around in real time. Check out the demo video here for a taste of the future of music videos.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 11:35am

[ news ]
Led Zeppelin Catalogue Remastered For Itunes Now Available | music news
Led Zeppelin have reissued their catalog via iTunes.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 03:20pm

[ news ]
Ripping Music From Cd To Finally Be Made Legal | music news
It was previously illegal to transfer music from CDs to computers and MP3 players.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 04:51pm

[ news ]
Swedish Man Gets Disability Benefits For Addiction To Heavy Metal | wtf?
Roger Tullgren attended over 300 gigs last year.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 04:55pm

[ news ]
Motorhead Headphones U.s. Launch Set For Consumer Electronics Show | music news
Motorhead will unveil the official U.S. launch of Motorheadphones at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on January 8th.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 04:56pm

[ news ]
Megadeth Bassist's Autobiography Due Next Year | music news
The autobiography of David Ellefson, co-founder and bassist of 11-time Grammy-nominated heavy metal titans Megadeth, will be made available next year via Howard Books.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 04:57pm

[ news ]
It's The End Of The Week As We Know It: Part 80 | wtf?
Has it really been 80 weeks of doing this thing? I've definitely entered my golden years here; time to act like the irresponsible drunk-all-the-time old man that I aspire to be.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 04:57pm

[ news ]
Qotsa Recruit Scissor Sisters Singer | music news
They also deny reports of a March release for the new album, which will infuriate fans who have been waiting since the promise of a release in 2011.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 04:57pm

[ news ]
Lars Ulrich Hopes He Can 'walk Away' From Metallica When The Time Is Right | music news
Drummer looks to the future of the band in new interview.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 04:58pm

[ news ]
Learn A New Year's Classic With A Modern Edge - Auld Lang Syne | guitar techniques
A lot of what we do as teachers, students and artists involves doing A, B and C to get X. But there is a point where it all comes together. This is musicianship.

POSTED: 12/21/2012 09:09am

[ lessons ]
Sublime Marley Medley [ Chords ]
Sublime Marley Medley [ Ukulele Chords ]