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Start The Band With Originals, Not Covers | general music
Many bands start right off agreeing to cover a few songs before writing their own material. I make a case for the opposite.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 10:51am

[ columns ]
The Talk Part 1 - Band Members | music theory
Something I decided to do its like a talk show.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 11:38am

[ columns ]
Why Yngwie Malmsteen Is Underrated | artists' discussions
By learning about why Yngwie Malmsteen is underrated you will gain a new perspective that will allow you to become a much better guitar player for yourself.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 12:19pm

[ columns ]
Green Day To Screen Documentary At X Games Aspen | general music news
Green Day will screen their new documentary, "¡Cuatro!", at the upcoming X Games in Aspen.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 01:08pm

[ news ]
Charity Refuses Money From Jack Russell Gig | wtf?
Station Fire Memorial Foundation won't take funds from singer.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 01:21pm

[ news ]
New Strokes Single Due? | upcoming releases
Seattle radio station claims to have leak.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 01:30pm

[ news ]
Artists To Record Beatles Debut In 12 Hours | general music news
Could you record an album in half a day? That's what bands around the world will try to do in February as part of the BBC's "Golden Age Of The Album" season.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 01:57pm

[ news ]
Ozzy Injured In House Fire | wtf?
Ozzy was left bleeding and without eyebrows when Sharon left an oil candle burning overnight. Meanwhile, Skrillex's hair caught fire on a birthday candle - see the video here.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 02:06pm

[ news ]
Bob Dylan 1966 Concert Ticket Stub Sells For 324 Times Its Original Price | wtf?
Someone bid $1,134.99 to win the torn stub of one of these rare '66 tickets while it was up for auction on eBay.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 03:15pm

[ news ]
Tenacious D Planning Comedy-Rock Festival? | upcoming tours
Jack Black promises the "f--kin' Super Bowl of comedy-rock".

POSTED: 01/18/2013 03:18pm

[ news ]
Top 10 Workout Songs | entertainment
What songs did UG readers vote as the best workout songs ever? See the results here, and share your own tips for groove-stacked tracks in the comments.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 03:19pm

[ news ]
Friday Fun: 7 Most Annoying People At Concerts | ug news
Everyone knows a loser like those listed here. If not, you're probably one of them.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 03:19pm

[ news ]
Dimarzio: Blaze 7 Dp702 | Pickups
Overall except for the little annoyance about the quality of silicon board used for the back plate, I am happy with this pickup.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 07:28am

[ reviews ]
Peavey: V-Type Exp | Electric Guitars
24 frets, 13 degree pitch headstock, rosewood fretboard, two ceramic humbucking pickups, three-way switch, reverse six-in-line headstock.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 08:13am

[ reviews ]
Crate: Gt212 | Guitar Amplifiers
Compact, powerful, and tough - there is no better value than Crate's new solid-state GT amps. Featuring Twin Crate Custom 12" speakers, 120 watts RMS, the GT212 is a powerhouse of tone.

POSTED: 01/18/2013 08:16am

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