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Tool Drummer Broke Four Ribs | music news
Danny Carey reveals his scooter accident wounds, and says their new album could be released inside 2013 after all.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 11:00am

[ news ]
Police To Be Investigated Over Speed Of Ian Watkins' Arrest | music news
Concerns have been raised that police didn't act fast enough on tips related to Lostprophets' singer Ian Watkins, who is being charged with conspiracy to rape a one-year-old baby.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 11:12am

[ news ]
Bad Religion Talk Retirement | music news
They play every show as if it could be their last, and say that when the time comes, there won't be a farewell tour - the band will finish without celebration.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 11:22am

[ news ]
Tom Morello Kills Ratm Album Rumors | music news
But he doesn't deny that Rage Against The Machine will be active in 2013 somehow. Could it be a full-scale tour, or something else?

POSTED: 02/08/2013 11:42am

[ news ]
Sticks And Strings. Part 31 | features
The question trailed off the same way house lights fade to black before the headliner takes to the stage in total darkness.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 01:32pm

[ news ]
Paul Mccartney Mistaken For A Street Musician In New Orleans | wtf?
The Beatles legend gets mistaken for a street busker after bursting into a singing medley during a train ride in New Orleans.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 01:34pm

[ news ]
Destroy Your Heroes | features
Unfounded fears in the realm of songwriting. This article will help you navigate a common problem faced by guitarists when writing music.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 01:39pm

[ news ]
Perseverance Makes Perfect | features
Many want to do great things, but very few will. This article is a quick reminder of what it takes to make it and be one of those few.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 01:49pm

[ news ]
Top 10 Greatest Drummers Of All Time | wtf?
In one of our biggest polls ever,UG readers helped us find the best drummers in history. So who came first? Check out this awesome video playlist to find out.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 03:09pm

[ news ]
Tab Contributors Go Ad-Free On Ug | ug news
All tab contributors get an ad-free version of the site as a "thank you" for being an important part of the UG community.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 03:26pm

[ news ]
Sound City: Ug Review | ug news
"Sound City" was entertaining on several levels and had one of the best soundtracks I've heard in a movie in a long time.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 03:26pm

[ news ]
Guns N' Roses Guitarist Doesn't Want The Band To Make A New Album | music news
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal talks about the way he thinks the band should approach working on new material.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 03:27pm

[ news ]
Megadeth Asking Fans For Guest Singer Suggestions | music news
Thrash titans are asking you who would you like to see appearing as a guest singer on their upcoming studio release.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 03:27pm

[ news ]
Metallica Performing The National Anthem At The San Francisco Giants Game | music news
Metal giants set to perform the national anthem, as well as throw the first pitch at the San Francisco Giants game against their arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 03:27pm

[ news ]
Farewell Motley Crue Tour Might Be A Reality Soon | music news
Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx talks about the possibility of a farewell tour in the near future.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 03:27pm

[ news ]
London: Don't Cry Wolf | compact discs
Released: Aug 2, 1986. Genre: Glam Metal, Heavy Metal. Label: Metalhead. Number Of Tracks: 10. Overall this album is a 80s metal classic. I love the rare down and dirty sound of the music and vocals giving the album that powerful in your face vibe.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 05:59am

[ reviews ]
Don Dokken: Up From The Ashes | compact discs
Released: Oct 21, 1990. Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal. Label: Geffen Records. Number Of Tracks: 11. "Up From The Ashes" is a 1990 hard rock album by Don Dokken, best known as the lead singer of Dokken.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 06:23am

[ reviews ]
Coheed And Cambria: The Afterman: Descension | compact discs
Released: Feb 5, 2012. Genre: Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore. Label: Hundred Handed, Everything Evil. Number Of Tracks: 9. This is the second album in the concept series "The Afterman", with the previous release, "The Afterman: Ascension" having come out just under 4 months ago.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 06:57am

[ reviews ]
Metallic Taste Of Blood: Metallic Taste Of Blood | compact discs
Released: May 7, 2012. Genre: Experimental, Avant-Garde, Progressive Rock, Industrial Dub, Jazz Fusion, Ambient. Label: RareNoiseRecords. Number Of Tracks: 10. Based on the credentials of those involved, Metallic Taste Of Blood's self titled debut promised interesting things.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 06:57am

[ reviews ]
Dimarzio: The Breed Bridge Dp166 | Pickups
The Breed bridge pickup is not as hot as the Evolution, but it's got a warm and punchy mid-range coupled with a fat low end that rolls off before it can get muddy.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 08:44am

[ reviews ]
Dean: Firecrackle | Electric Guitars
It's a 1980s Dean Firecrackle with two single coil pickups and a humbucker. This guitar will be suitable for any genre.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 11:30am

[ reviews ]
Joyo: Jf-07 Classic Flanger | Guitar Effects
It's a great pedal for the price, but there are better flangers. Not to say this is bad as it isn't, but I think it's suited to anyone that doesn't use a flanger a lot or on a budget.

POSTED: 02/08/2013 11:36am

[ reviews ]
Maroon 5 Lucky Strike (ver 3) [ Chords ]