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Justin Bieber Covers Metallica's 'fade To Black' | wtf?
Young pop star delivers a performance of a metal classic.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 07:11am

[ news ]
Varg Vikernes To Stand Trial For Inciting Racial Hatred And Glorifying War Crimes | music news
Burzum mastermind's blog posts described as anti-Semitic and xenophobic.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 08:29am

[ news ]
Kerry King In Charge Of New Slayer Album, Tom Araya Reveals | new releases
Frontman also expresses uncertainty over band's future. "Jeff was 95 percent of the band," he adds.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 08:40am

[ news ]
Top 10 Beatles Songs | music news
What is the best song by the best band ever? That's what we asked in our poll this week - find out the results here.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 09:05am

[ news ]
Metallica: 'itunes And Social Networks Destroyed Music' | music news
"It's destroyed the motivation to go out there and make the best record," Kirk Hammett explains.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 09:28am

[ news ]
Dethklok Premiere New Song 'blazing Star' | music news
Check out the new "Metalocalypse" track.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 11:58am

[ news ]
Andreas Kisser: 'cavalera Brothers Turned Their Back On Sepultura' | music news
"It's like many fathers who have children and leave them," the guitarist says.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 12:11pm

[ news ]
Long-Lost Led Zeppelin Recordings Unearthed | wtf?
Some of the songs feature John Paul Jones on lead vocals, Robert Plant reveals.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 12:24pm

[ news ]
Top Ten Riffs For Summoning A Guitar Store Clerk | features
There are ten songs that boast riffs likely to be heard on a daily basis in guitar stores throughout the world.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 01:03pm

[ news ]
Makala Shark Bridge Ukulele Surfaces From Kala | music news
Design features include a durable Injection Molded body and geared tuners.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 01:47pm

[ news ]
Arcade Fire Predict James Murphy Will Reform Lcd Soundsystem | music news
Plus; Win Butler discusses recording 'Reflektor' in New York with David Bowie.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 02:24pm

[ news ]
Muse Have 'no Concrete Plans' At End Of Six Album Contract | new releases
Meanwhile, frontman Matt Bellamy reveal the inspiration sources of their upcoming live album.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 03:02pm

[ news ]
Manic Street Preachers: 'we'd Love To Play 'the Holy Bible' In Full At Glastonbury' | music news
Will the Manics celebrate classic album?

POSTED: 10/18/2013 03:14pm

[ news ]
The History Of Rock: Trends | features
Fads and trend-setters of the rock world.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 03:54pm

[ news ]
How To Read Tabs | for beginners
This is only for beginners who are trying to learn how to read tabs.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 12:29pm

[ lessons ]
Van Friscia: Epic Symphony In A Flat Minor [Ep] | compact discs
Released: Jun 14, 2011. Genre: Neoclassical Metal, Progressive Rock, Shred. Label: Self-released. Number Of Tracks: 3. This is the first release by Progressive Rock/Classical guitarist Van Friscia. It is a single, twenty minutes of music separated into three parts, or as the artist calls them "acts."

POSTED: 10/18/2013 04:36am

[ reviews ]
Black Tide: Light From Above | compact discs
Release Date: Feb 11, 2008. Genre: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal. Label: Interscope. Number Of Tracks: 12. First things first, the singer/lead guitarist has now just turned 15. Take that into consideration when first listening to this young band and behold how stellar they are as musicians.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 04:50am

[ reviews ]
Anberlin: Devotion: Vital Special Edition | compact discs
Released: Oct 15, 2013. Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronic Rock. Label: Big 3 Records. Number Of Tracks: 31 (2CD). Anberlin stick to their newly embraced electronic rock style throughout this new collection of remixes and previously unreleased tracks.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 07:49am

[ reviews ]
Esp: Ltd Mh-350Fr | Electric Guitars
I play thrash, death metal, heavy metal, stoner, doom and psychedelic rock and this guitar is a very good match for these genres for me. I love everything about this guitar. My favorite feature is how fast the neck plays and how beautiful the guitar is.

POSTED: 10/18/2013 08:12am

[ reviews ]
Imagine Dragons Radioactive (ver 7) [ Chords ]