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All Updates [ news ]

Megadeth Leave Roadrunner Records | industry news
Megadeth have wrapped up their deal with Roadrunner Records and are moving on.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 07:17am

[ news ]
Blink-182 Unveil 'folky' Christmas Song 'boxing Day' - Listen | online downloads
The band also say they are having debates over writing 'a whole chorus about penises'

POSTED: 12/11/2012 08:33am

[ news ]
Yes To Perform Three Full Albums During 2013 Tour | upcoming tours
In a career first, YES will perform three of their classic albums in their entirety, all in one concert, on a special tour in 2013.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 09:08am

[ news ]
Metallica Preview 'my Apocalypse' From 'quebec Magnetic' | online downloads
Metallica are sharing another full song preview of their forthcoming live package "Quebec Magnetic".

POSTED: 12/11/2012 09:25am

[ news ]
Ac/dc Frontman Was Almost Tricked Into Buying Into Soccer Team | general music news
Newcastle United tried to get Brian Johnson to bank roll club.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 09:39am

[ news ]
Dave Grohl Promises Them Crooked Vultures Return | general music news
Supergroup will be back.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 09:44am

[ news ]
Machine Head Cover Pantera's 'f--King Hostile' | general music news
Band play tribute to Dime Darrell on anniversary of his death.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 09:54am

[ news ]
Trent Reznor To Launch Streaming Service With Dr. Dre | general music news
He also promises brand new Nine Inch Nails tracks on a forthcoming Greatest Hits compilation, alongside announcing his forthcoming "intelligent" streaming service in collaboration with Dr. Dre.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 10:03am

[ news ]
Johnny Depp And Keith Richards Record Pirate Songs | general music news
They were among the acts who contributed to the pirate-themed album on Tom Waits' record label Anti Records.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 10:13am

[ news ]
Queens Of The Stone Age Write Cryptic Letter | general music news
A strange handwritten letter says a lot about the concept and drama contained in their new album. But what does it all mean?

POSTED: 12/11/2012 10:22am

[ news ]
Queensryche Recruit 'operation: Mindcrime' Producer | general music news
Drums have been recorded for their new album, with the rest to be recorded at different studios across the West Coast. Meanwhile, Geoff Tate is looking for a replacement after his new guitarist quit after one show...

POSTED: 12/11/2012 10:27am

[ news ]
Ug Awards: Vote For Band Of The Year | ug news
We're doing an epic round of award nominations this year, and you can vote for the winners every day. Today, we're asking for the best band of 2012.

POSTED: 12/11/2012 10:34am

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