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All Updates [ news ]

Triple Play: Three New Models Join Yamaha Thr Guitar Amp Family | namm news
Three Designs for Distinct Styles to Launch at Winter NAMM.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 07:27am

[ news ]
Peavey Introduces Next Generation Valveking Series | namm news
New line delivers boutique tones and brand new features for today's working guitarist.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 08:03am

[ news ]
Snap Dragon Introduces Innovative 'tripper' Professional Folding Electric Guitar | namm news
Engineer Gerry Dale and producer Robin Millar reinvent the pro travel guitar; featuring two dual-rail humbuckers, solid maple neck & patented Evertune bridge, it unfolds in tune!

POSTED: 01/24/2013 08:19am

[ news ]
Jackson Announces 2013 Winter Namm Releases | namm news
Jackson is thrilled to unveil a collection of 20 new models charged with new features designed for speed and killer looks.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 08:19am

[ news ]
Recording King Introduces The Madison 6-String Banjo | namm news
Recording King introduces the 6-string Madison banjo, perfect for guitar players looking to add the unique sound of a banjo to their repertoire.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 08:39am

[ news ]
The Loar Introduces The Lh-319 Hand-Carved Archtop With 2 P-90 Pickups | namm news
The Loar LH-319 is hand-assembled in The Loar design studios, the birthplace of the best-selling LH-309 archtop guitars.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 08:50am

[ news ]
Fender Custom Shop Short Film Showcases Remarkable Craftsmanship Behind 2013 Winter Namm Products | namm news
The 'Dream Factory's' master builders discuss inspiration behind new exotic guitars and basses.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 08:57am

[ news ]
Presonus Active Integration Powers Next-Generation Product Ecosystem | namm news
PreSonus' next-generation Active Integration products combine powerful 32-bit floating-point DSP, wireless and wired communication, and proprietary software to solve real-world live sound and studio problems.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 09:09am

[ news ]
The New Aphex Project Channel Creates The Essential Channel Strip For Personal Recording Setups | namm news
Project Channel is the essential channel strip, featuring everything users need to get started on making great recordings.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 09:16am

[ news ]
Daring Audio Debuts The Laser Cannon Hd At Namm 2013 | namm news
Daring Audio Inc, the leader in Professional Bass Pedals, today announces another new innovative High Definition (HD) model to broaden its product line.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 09:23am

[ news ]
Award-Winning Chromatics Music Playing Cards Showcased At Namm 2013 | namm news
48 tone cards feature chords/scales and aid in learning the language of music quickly and comprehensively.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 09:30am

[ news ]
Fender Introduces 2013 Fender Select Series Models | namm news
The highly acclaimed Fender Select Series is proud to welcome an all-new lineup of instruments for 2013.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 09:46am

[ news ]
Audio-Technica Unveils At2020Usb+ Cardioid Condenser Microphone | namm news
USB side-address condenser microphone features high-quality A/D converter, mix control, headphone jack with volume control, and more.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 09:56am

[ news ]
Aphex Now Shipping Expanded 500 Series With New Modules | namm news
New Parametric EQ, Optical Compressor and three new Mic Pre units join the acclaimed EX-BB 500 in the series, forming a comprehensive line of signal processors.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 10:15am

[ news ]
Audio-Technica Offers New System 10 Digital Wireless System | namm news
Operating in the 2.4 GHz range, System 10 avoids TV and DTV interference, offering a cost-effective, high-fidelity wireless solution for houses of worship, musicians/hobbyists, karaoke, corporate applications and more.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 10:34am

[ news ]
Presonus Releases Studio One 2.5 Daw With Nearly 100 Enhancements | namm news
This free (to Studio One 2 users) update adds nearly 100 enhancements and features, as well as many bug fixes.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 10:56am

[ news ]
The Mars Volta Break Up | general music news
The founding members Cedric and Omar disagree about the future of the band and Omar's new band Bosnian Rainbows. What could this mean for their original band At The Drive-In?

POSTED: 01/24/2013 11:00am

[ news ]
Dave Grohl Will Induct Rush To Hall Of Fame | general music news
Dave Grohl will induct Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, it's been announced.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 11:01am

[ news ]
Pirate Bay Movie To Premiere Online | industry news
The official premiere at the Berlin Film Festival will coincide with an online release, as you might expect from a film about the notorious file-sharing Pirate Bay website founders.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 11:01am

[ news ]
Next Bon Jovi Album Will Be 'a Big Rock Record' With Social Commentary | upcoming releases
Bon Jovi's upcoming album "What About Now" will cover serious subjects about the modern world, says frontman Jon.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 11:01am

[ news ]
Did Ted Nugent Puke On Himself To Avoid Draft? | wtf?
Dee Snider has accused Ted Nugent of vomiting on himself to avoid being drafted into the Army years ago, and cites it as another example of Republican rocker hypocrites.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 11:01am

[ news ]
Foo Fighters Finish Writing New Album | upcoming releases
Dave Grohl says they have "really awesome, big plans" for the new album. In other news, Dave joins a hip hop band. Hear their first recording together right here.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 11:02am

[ news ]
Black Keys Sue Similar Songwriters | general music news
After settling with Pizza Hut and other advertisers for using their songs last year, the band are now targeting "soundalike" songs which intentionally sound like them on other adverts.

POSTED: 01/24/2013 11:03am

[ news ]