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All Updates [ news ]

Framus Vintage 5/168 Golden Strato De Luxe | namm news
This new guitar model from the Framus Vintage range, made in Asia, is based on a classic model from the 1960s, when Framus guitars were made in Bubenreuth/Germany.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 06:55am

[ news ]
Randall Amplifiers Launches Rg13 Pedal/amplifier | namm news
Is it a Pedal? Is it an amp? Can it fly? Yes to all three!

POSTED: 02/12/2013 07:08am

[ news ]
Washburn Guitars Presents The Ea40Sce Acoustic/electric Guitar | namm news
Designed for stage performance, the EA40SCE is based on the original, feedback resistant, thinline Festival Series body style.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 07:32am

[ news ]
Dave Grohl: 'grunge Never Went Away' | general music news
The former Nirvana drummer says the grunge genre is alive and well. Do you agree?

POSTED: 02/12/2013 08:16am

[ news ]
Muse Breaks Billboard Chart Record | general music news
After breaking the Billboard Chart record with their "Madness" single, British rockers announce live streaming of the 2013 BRIT Awards concert in London.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 10:55am

[ news ]
Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Talks About Using Metallica During Prisoner Torture | general music news
The man who shot the world's most wanted terrorist speaks up about using the metal giants' music while interrogating prisoners in Iraq.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 11:08am

[ news ]
Angie Bowie Criticises Ex-Husband's 'tired' New Single | wtf?
The former Lady Stardust doesn't like "Where Are We Now".

POSTED: 02/12/2013 11:51am

[ news ]
Cult Of Luna Release New Video | general music news
Clip for "Passing Through" is posted online.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 12:19pm

[ news ]
Yes Say 'no' To Singer Fronting His Own Band | general music news
Jon Davidson denied from performing with Glass Hammer.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 12:42pm

[ news ]
David Draiman's Device Is Coming | general music news
Disturbed frontman's band gets its video introduction with the official teaser clip.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 12:52pm

[ news ]
Qotsa Post Third Cryptic Letter | general music news
Another teaser letter from Queens Of The Stone Age has been released, offering new clues to the album concept and title.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 01:49pm

[ news ]
55Th Grammy Winners | general music news
The Grammy winners have been announced - but not everyone is happy that heavy metal is ignored by the wider music industry.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 02:22pm

[ news ]
Jack White Working On Follow Up To 'blunderbuss' | upcoming releases
White has been recording new material with the Buzzards and the Peacocks, his separate male and female bands, respectively.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 02:33pm

[ news ]
Roger Waters Adds A New Song To 'the Wall' | general music news
His new open-air world tour also adds "spectacular" special effects, which Waters himself calls "beautiful".

POSTED: 02/12/2013 02:39pm

[ news ]
Black Keys' Patrick Carney: Bieber Doesn't Deserve Grammys | wtf?
Justin Bieber was snubbed by the Grammy awards, but drummer Patrick Carney says he doesn't need to win when he makes so much money already.

POSTED: 02/12/2013 02:47pm

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