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All Updates [ news ]

Kasabian Confirm The Rolling Stones For Glastonbury Set | upcoming tours
Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno has confirmed that The Rolling Stones will be playing this summer's Glastonbury Festival.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 11:35am

[ news ]
Alvin Lee Dead: Ten Years After Frontman Dies From Surgery Complications | general music news
Alvin Lee, the guitarist and singer for blues-rock band Ten Years After, died earlier today due to complications from surgery. He was 68.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 11:46am

[ news ]
Van Halen Working On New Songs | upcoming releases
Eddie Van Halen has posted a photo to Facebook of himself in the studio.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 11:57am

[ news ]
Axl Rose: 'life's Too Short For An Original Guns N' Roses Reunion' | general music news
The frontman gives his latest opinions on the return of the original GnR lineup and reunions in general.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 12:20pm

[ news ]
Scott Weiland On Stp: 'i View Them As Family' | general music news
The singer admits the band has problems, but is apparently still denying his firing from the band.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 12:28pm

[ news ]
Morrissey's Most Outrageous Quotes Ever | entertainment
After a series of recent controversial behaviors, including 'rickrolling' David Bowie, it's time we run through Morrissey's most outrageous quotes in the past 30 years.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 12:53pm

[ news ]
Lamb Of God Mourn Daniel Nosek | general music news
Randy Blythe may have had good news with his 'not guilty' verdict, but the band are saddened by the loss of Daniel Nosek who was at the center of the manslaughter trial will be forever.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 12:59pm

[ news ]
Ted Nugent On Dictators: 'they Should Die' | wtf?
The outspoken rocker paid little respect to the Hugo Chavez who died of cancer this week when he referred to the late Venezuelan President as a "dictator, tyrant and slave driver".

POSTED: 03/07/2013 01:07pm

[ news ]
Noel Gallagher: 'new Bowie Album Proves Reunions Are Sh-T' | general music news
The former Oasis man loves that Bowie is paving his own path again, unlike other comeback artists who just milk cash cows from their back catalogues.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 01:11pm

[ news ]
Trent Reznor Slams A Fan During Reddit Ama | wtf?
Nine Inch Nails frontman gives a flaming response to a fan provocation.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 01:19pm

[ news ]
Petition Calls For New U.s. National Anthem... By R Kelly | wtf?
Would you rise for "Ignition (Remix)"?

POSTED: 03/07/2013 01:31pm

[ news ]
Wolfgang Van Halen Joins Tremonti Permanently | general music news
The bassist will still be working in the "family-business."

POSTED: 03/07/2013 01:38pm

[ news ]
New Music Playlist: Iggy Pop, Saxon, Pineapple Thief And More | ug news
We bring you the best new music streams this week, including some classic acts who still fly the rock flag and some great new prog tracks.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 01:44pm

[ news ]
Will The Real Queensryche Please Stand Up? | entertainment
Two line-ups out on the road presents a bizarre, confusing and no doubt frustrating situation for any band's fan base.

POSTED: 03/07/2013 02:30pm

[ news ]