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All Updates [ news ]

Dave Mustaine Listens To Metallica Albums In Full For The First Time, Posts Reviews | music news
Megadeth frontman compares Kirk Hammett to "a mentally retarded boy" he once met.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 07:53am

[ news ]
Face Discovered On Surface Of Mars Is Identical To Dave Grohl's, Nasa Confirms | wtf?
Latest telescope technology unveils new details of "Face on Mars" myth, will be visible with naked eye on April 8.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 07:54am

[ news ]
Tool's New Album To Be Released As Downloadable Content In Half-Life 3, Band Hints At 2016 Release | new releases
Danny Carrey listed as voice actor, Maynard might appear as the new G-Man, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell explains.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 07:54am

[ news ]
The Flaming Lips' 'dark Side Of The Moon' Album Revealed To Be An April Fool's Prank | music news
The band teamed up with Funny Or Die for the joke announcement.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 08:11am

[ news ]
Top 10 Best Wednesday Question Ideas | wtf?
Want to know what UG community is interested in the most? Typos, obviously.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 11:31am

[ news ]
Radiohead Will Reconvene This Summer | music news
This summer band will "decide then what we do next," as Johnny Greenwood states.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 12:01pm

[ news ]
Dillinger Guitarist On Today's Metal: 'i Don't Want To Watch Dudes Masturbate, I Want Music To Convey Emotions' | music news
"Watching somebody shred is kind of awesome for a minute, but then it's tedious and boring," Ben Weinman adds.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 12:24pm

[ news ]
Rem Singer Michael Stipe To Induct Nirvana Into Rock Hall | music news
In related news, Courtney Love reveals that Kurt Cobain musical is 'very likely' to happen.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 01:03pm

[ news ]
Coldplay Deny That Gwyneth Paltrow Will Join Them On Tour | music news
Reports that the actress will join her ex-partner Chris Martin on the road are false, spokesman says.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 02:58pm

[ news ]
New Dragonforce Album To Feature Matt Heafy, Johnny Cash Cover | new releases
Listen to "Defenders" here.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 03:14pm

[ news ]
Three Days Grace Unveil New Song ‘Painkiller’ | music news
The track features Matt Walst as the singer.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 03:17pm

[ news ]
Backstage With Trivium's Heafy | interviews
Check out the behind-the-scenes video of a day-in-the-life of Matt Heafy.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 03:37pm

[ news ]
Jack White Announces New Album 'lazaretto,' Confirms Release Date, Streaming First Single | new releases
Record due on June 10, check out "High Ball Stepper" inside.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 06:09pm

[ news ]
Rap Fan's Guide To Metal: 'black Metal Isn't Metal Made By Black People' | wtf?
"Think of 'Reign in Blood' as metal's 'Yeezus,'" the complex guide explains.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 06:09pm

[ news ]
Wednesday Question: Best Rhythm Section? | ug news
You wanted it, you got it! Which pair delivers the best groove?

POSTED: 04/02/2014 06:12pm

[ news ]
10 Demos Of Famous Songs You Definitely Want To Hear | music news
Check out how raw Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Muse and more ideas sounded like.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 06:13pm

[ news ]
Metallica's Lars Ulrich: 'justin Bieber Is A Talented Kid' | music news
"He doesn't make it easy for himself," the drummer adds.

POSTED: 04/02/2014 06:14pm

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