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All Updates [ news ]

Coldplay's 'ghost Stories' Is The Best-Selling Album Of 2014 So Far | general music news
Official Chart Company data reveals best sellers at half-way point in year.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 02:52am

[ news ]
Jack White Stages Medical-Themed Secret London Gig With Punchdrunk Theatre Company | general music news
The former White Stripes man played an immersive show in an office block.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 02:59am

[ news ]
Katy Perry Sued By Christian Rappers For Stealing A Song And Being A Witch | wtf?
Christian group take issue with "Dark Horse."

POSTED: 07/04/2014 03:24am

[ news ]
'jimi: All Is By My Side' Trailer Released | entertainment
Take the first look at Jimi Hendrix Biopic starring Andre 3000.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 03:46am

[ news ]
Trent Reznor Dissappointed By Death Grips' Split: 'why Would I Have Ever Thought Those Dudes Could Keep It Together?' | general music news
Death Grips were due to support Nine Inch Nails on major US tour this month.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 04:29am

[ news ]
Top 20 Most Underrated Guitarists | entertainment
Guys that seriously need extra props, not 10, but 20 of them.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 04:53am

[ news ]
New Slipknot Album Is '98 Percent Done,' Says Corey Taylor | upcoming releases
"Next step is the mix, there will be a big announcement soon," the singer adds.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 05:05am

[ news ]
Rob Halford Reacts To Bruce Dickinson's Priest Diss: 'it's Just The Way It Goes' | general music news
"I love Bruce, he's very outspoken," Judas Priest singer adds.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 05:09am

[ news ]
Dave Grohl: 'crowdfunded Shows Could Become The Way Bands Decide Where To Play' | general music news
"It's a fun thing; it sort of changes the game," Foo Fighters mainman adds.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 06:55am

[ news ]
Music Sales Continuing To Fall In 2014, All Formats Plunge 15 Percent | industry news
Both physical and digital releases score double-figure losses, report confirms.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 07:16am

[ news ]
Ghost Frontman Unmasked By Behemoth's Nergal | general music news
Very strong indications that Tobias Forge is Papa Emeritus have been revealed.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 07:39am

[ news ]
Motley Crue Debuts New Song 'all Bad Things' Live | general music news
The song receives its premiere at "The Final Tour" Kick-Off in Grand Rapids.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 08:06am

[ news ]
Machine Head Settles Lawsuit Filed By Former Bassist Adam Duce | general music news
The terms of the deal remain confidential, but both sides were able to reach a satisfactory agreement.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 08:30am

[ news ]
Red Hot Chili Peppers Giving Away Free Ep | general music news
Record features live tracks from 2012-2013 tour

POSTED: 07/04/2014 08:43am

[ news ]
Chris Jericho: 'i Am The Ambassador Of Metal' | general music news
Singer talks about taking metal to the masses in new interview.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 08:53am

[ news ]
Dimmu Borgir Not Releasing New Album For At Least A Year, Guitarist Says | general music news
Unfortunately, new album might take a while...

POSTED: 07/04/2014 09:21am

[ news ]
Dio's 'holy Diver' Receives Epic Bluegrass Rendition | entertainment
Steve'n'Seagulls delivers the goods with another unique metal cover.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 09:49am

[ news ]
Phil Anselmo: 'i Don't Regret Quitting High School, There Was Nothing More For Me To Learn' | general music news
"I was advanced because I was smart," former Pantera singer says.

POSTED: 07/04/2014 09:53am

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