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All Updates [ news ]

Bruce Springsteen To Release Graphic Novel | entertainment
"Outlaw Pete" is based on the rocker's song of the same name.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 07:23am

[ news ]
The 1975's Matt Healy: 'i'll Always Find Ways Of Disliking Myself' | general music news
Frontman discusses self-analysis of his behaviour.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 07:47am

[ news ]
Led Zeppelin Present Second Wave Of Reissues | general music news
Trailer for "Led Zeppelin IV" and "Houses of the Holy" remasters features unreleased version of "Black Dog."

POSTED: 08/29/2014 07:57am

[ news ]
Andre 3000: 'playing Hendrix Saved Me' | entertainment
Outkast man says appearing as icon Jimi in biopic helped him out of a "dark place."

POSTED: 08/29/2014 08:30am

[ news ]
'game Of Thrones' Theme Gets An Unlikely Cover By French Singer | entertainment
The "GoT" themes covers have been taken to the next level.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 08:50am

[ news ]
David Byrne Warns Scottish Referendum Voters Of Danger Of Independence | general music news
Scottish musician says it "might be a bit much to handle."

POSTED: 08/29/2014 10:02am

[ news ]
Bfmv Go Ghost Hunting In Wales | entertainment
Metallers to appear on TV show "Most Haunted" tonight.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 10:20am

[ news ]
Top 10 Best Vocal Section Bands | entertainment
The best singing bands are here!

POSTED: 08/29/2014 10:43am

[ news ]
Richard Kruspe Reveals More Details Regarding New Emigrate Album | upcoming releases
Rammstein guitarist side project's "Silent So Long" will be relased on October 21 and will feature Lemmy and Jonathan Davis.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 11:11am

[ news ]
John Petrucci: 'why I Love Opeth' | general music news
The Dream Theater guitarist talks the Swedish prog metallers.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 11:44am

[ news ]
Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Paul Di'anno Says His Voice Is 'actually Getting Better' As He Is Getting Older | general music news
"I'm hitting notes Rob Halford can't hit anymore," he says.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 12:26pm

[ news ]
Smashing Pumpkins Share Puff Daddy's Unreleased Remix Of 'ava Adore' | general music news
The track is featured on the massive "Adore" reissue.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 12:56pm

[ news ]
Phil Anselmo: 'metallica Never Should Have Released 'load,' It's A Terrible Record' | general music news
"I just don't get it," the vocalist says.

POSTED: 08/29/2014 08:11pm

[ news ]
Smashing Pumpkins Calling It Quits If New Albums Flop, Billy Corgan Says | general music news
"I'm either going to bail on this ship for good, or I'm going to have a new ship."

POSTED: 08/29/2014 08:59pm

[ news ]
Sting Searching For Workers To Pick His Grapes, Wants Them To Pay $345 Per Day | wtf?
Now this is how you milk tourists!

POSTED: 08/29/2014 09:19pm

[ news ]
Foo Fighters Tease New Song, Raise Hype Ahead Of Album Release | upcoming releases
Check out the vinyl sample inside.

POSTED: 08/30/2014 01:43am

[ news ]
Mike Portnoy Open To Dream Theater Reunion, But Wouldn't Bet On It | general music news
"I'm a very nostalgic person, I forgive and forget very easily," the drummer says.

POSTED: 08/30/2014 02:12am

[ news ]
Exodus Share Full 'blood In, Blood Out' Details | upcoming releases
Cover art, release date, track listing, it's all here now.

POSTED: 08/30/2014 02:29am

[ news ]