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All Updates [ reviews ]

Avenged Sevenfold: Avenged Sevenfold | compact discs
Release Date: Oct 30, 2007. Label: Warner Bros.. Genres: Hard Rock, Metal, Metalcore. Number Of Tracks: 10. Avenged Sevenfold's songwriting has progressed and quite clearly matured on their latest release, and this is arguably a more complete album than City of Evil was, although it has certain flaws.

POSTED: 04/05/2012 02:15am

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Epiphone: Les Paul Ultra | Electric Guitars
While the Ultra has a narrower nut, body contouring and a fast-playing mahogany neck, ideal for smaller guitarists, it still provides the warm punch of two Alnico humbuckers running on angry. Heavy rock just got a whole lot lighter.

POSTED: 04/05/2012 03:13am

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The Subways: Money And Celebrity | compact discs
Released: Sep 18, 2011. Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Indie Rock, Pop Rock. Label: Warner Bros. Number Of Tracks: 12. "Money And Celebrity" saw The Subways record in London with producer Stephen Street. The album itself bridges the gap between the garage indie-rock sound of debut album "Young For Eternity" and the heavy rock (almost Foo Fighters) sound of follow-up "All Or Nothing".

POSTED: 04/05/2012 03:21am

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Gibson: J-45 | Acoustic Guitars
The J-45 is an all solid wood guitar. My overall impression of this guitar is that its perfect for someone who has already found their sound and understands what sets their sound apart from others. I also love the look and attitude the guitar gives off when played.

POSTED: 04/05/2012 03:38am

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Roland: Boss Gt-10 | Guitar Effects
The quality I personally believe has dropped in the GT-10. The reverbs and Chorus are good on the GT-10.

POSTED: 04/05/2012 04:08am

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Jackson Stars: Rr-Tn02 Stb Ltd | Electric Guitars
Over all this guitar is worth what I paid and then some. It is fine instrument. It works so well for hard rock, soft rock, rock, metal, post hardcore, hardcore and death metal. All in all if you play rock or metal I highly recommend this guitar.

POSTED: 04/05/2012 04:53am

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Omega Centauri: Universum Infinitum | compact discs
Released: Jan 1, 2012. Genre: Avant-Darde Atmospheric Black Metal. Label: Duplicate Records. Number Of Tracks: 8. "Universum Infinitum" is a great example of atmosphere done right. The feelings are of isolation, subtle fear, bleakness, but also a sense of wonder and amazement as you gaze into the darkness of space.

POSTED: 04/05/2012 05:01am

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