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All Updates [ reviews ]

Fender: Mustang Floor | Guitar Effects
Love it. First time I've found multifx that sounds like a real amp. Using it for classic rock, alt country, some jazz noodling.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 02:06am

[ reviews ]
Jackson: Kexmg | Electric Guitars
I love the lightness of the guitar overall, plus the access to the higher frets is exceptional. There's nothing to hate, it's a great guitar.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 02:11am

[ reviews ]
Digitech: Scott Ian Black-13 | Guitar Effects
Now Scott's teamed up with DigiTech to unleash Black-13, a stompbox that lets guitarists dial up his signature sounds, giving Anthrax and metal fans all the blistering tone they can handle.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 02:18am

[ reviews ]
Ibanez: Rg870Z | Electric Guitars
The RG870Z is out of the new premium line from 2011. This guitar is perfect for my aggressive metal playing, and can be played for ANY kind of music as well.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 02:26am

[ reviews ]
Tame Impala: Live At Fremantle Arts Centre, Australia, December 15, 2012 | live concerts
The gig was at the Fremantle Arts Centre in Western Australia, and it is a place that is close to the bands collective heart.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 02:36am

[ reviews ]
Vox: Amplug Ac30 | Guitar Effects
The Vox amPlug AC30 is a headphone amp that can help you to create the perfect practice session. The tiny amPlug plugs directly into your guitar-then just plug in your headphones and relish some great Vox tone.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 02:59am

[ reviews ]
Wednesday 13: Calling All Corpses | compact discs
Released: Oct 11, 2011. Genre: Horror Punk. Label: Wednesday 13 LLC. Number Of Tracks: 13. When we are talking about "Calling All Corpses", we are talking about maturity. Unlike his other albums, on this one he evolved a lot.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 04:21am

[ reviews ]
Jay Turser: Jt-Res | Electric Guitars
I love the guitar, don't get me wrong. It is interesting sounds great and looks great too, it's just this one issue with the bridge kinda ruins it. I would still recommend it for someone wanting a first resonator guitar.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 05:51am

[ reviews ]
Dimarzio: Gravity Storm Neck Dp252 | Pickups
This is a pretty high output pup. I like it because its great for soloing. The Gravity Storm is just as good if not better than the top neck pickups.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 06:22am

[ reviews ]
Stone Deaf: Pdf-1 | Guitar Effects
This pedal will allow you to get your sound exactly how you've always heard it in your head and will make every pedal on your board sound better! As well as give you some amazing distorted tones in its own right.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 06:43am

[ reviews ]
Otep: Hydra | compact discs
Released: Jan 22, 2013. Genre: Alternative Metal, Nu Metal. Label: Victory. Number Of Tracks: 13. Otep has a nice variety of songs on their final album, the soundtrack to a bizarre horror film, or so it seems.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 07:23am

[ reviews ]
Cort: T75 | Bass Guitars
This bass has been great as an introduction to the 5 strings, and has served me well.

POSTED: 01/23/2013 09:13am

[ reviews ]