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All Updates [ reviews ]

Anberlin: Cities | compact discs
Release Date: Feb 20, 2007. Label: Tooth & Nail. Genres: Indie Rock, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock. Number Of Tracks: 12. It may not reinvent the proverbial wheel, but Cities is probably just the rock release Anberlin fans and music lovers alike have been waiting for.

POSTED: 03/18/2013 04:29am

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Fender: Stratocaster Xii | Electric Guitars
12-string CIJ Strat XII. Acoustically it sounds wonderful, so much that sometimes I play it unplugged just for myself. The electronics temper this impression a little bit.

POSTED: 03/18/2013 05:15am

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Line 6: Spider Valve 112 | Guitar Amplifiers
A perfect storm for guitarists, the Spider Valve 112 features a Spider III engine mated in perfect harmony to a genuine tube amplifier designed by famed amp man Reinhold Bogner for unmatched performance and responsiveness. The amp is built around 2 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 6L6 power tubes.

POSTED: 03/18/2013 08:07am

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Vox: Classic Wah Wah V845 | Guitar Effects
The pedal only has 1 sound there are no dials to change the range of the sweep of the Wah which is a bit of a downer but not so bad its got a decent set sound with it.

POSTED: 03/18/2013 08:12am

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G&l: Tribute Ascari Gt | Electric Guitars
G&L Tribute Ascari GT, beautiful guitar. Great all around guitar if you love rock n roll, blues, jazz, country, if you have a decent head or pedal you can metal it up.

POSTED: 03/18/2013 08:23am

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Ovation: Custom Legend 2079Ax-Ccb | Acoustic Guitars
This is a Korean-made wonderful guitar. It has 20 frets, all reachable from the cutaway. It has a AAA spruce top that when it opens up will be amazing.

POSTED: 03/18/2013 08:43am

[ reviews ]
Tokai: Tb48 | Bass Guitars
This bass felt great and even though it didn't have the Precision Bass sound, it still sounded great.

POSTED: 03/18/2013 09:07am

[ reviews ]
Fall Out Boy: Folie A Deux | compact discs
Released: Dec 16, 2008. Genre: Alternative-Rock, Pop. Label: Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen/Island Records. Number Of Tracks: 13. Once a full-on pop-punk band, Fall Out Boy reach for maximum commercial appeal on this collection of R&B, dance, and pop laced rock.

POSTED: 03/19/2013 03:24am

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