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All Updates [ reviews ]

Runrig: Everything You See | compact discs
Released: May 14, 2007. Genre: Celtic Rock. Label: Ridge. Number Of Tracks: 11. This album is a golden sunset. Enjoy it in the evening with a glass of whiskey and some good company and you won't be disappointed.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 05:05am

[ reviews ]
Zager: Zad80Ceom | Acoustic Guitars
I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and warmth of the sound. Not a substantial loss of volume. Love the red Cedar and rosewood combination. The main thing was the ease of playing.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 06:10am

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Agile: Al-2000 Floyd Rose | Electric Guitars
The AL-2000 is a Les Paul Copy made in Korea I believe. It has 24 frets and a rosewood fretboard with perloid inlays. It has a Mahogany body and a maple set neck. It has a licensed Floyd Rose with a locking nut. It has 2 passive humbuckers with 2 tone and 2 volume knobs. The tuners are Grover.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 06:36am

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Streetlight Manifesto: The Hands That Thieve | compact discs
Released: Apr 30, 2013. Genre: Ska-Punk, Third-Wave Ska. Label: Pentimento, Victory. Number Of Tracks: 10. This album was really killer to me. Compared to their past albums I think this gives a really nice addition to the ska archives.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 06:47am

[ reviews ]
Line 6: Dt50 Head & Dt50 412 Cabinet | Guitar Amplifiers
I've been very pleasantly surprised by the sound, the looks, the control and the versatility of this setup. It really is that versatility that I was after, and to think that the sound quality to me is just as good makes this a winner.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 07:08am

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Gfs: Premium Ii Alnico Ii Hand-Bevelled Strat Set | Pickups
My overall impression of this pickup set is that it's hard, if not impossible, to beat the value. I've played a few other strat pickup sets, and have yet to be impressed with any like I am with these.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 07:30am

[ reviews ]
Walczak: V-Rod Studio | Electric Guitars
The clean tone of the guitar was the crucial factor for me. Compared it to some Cort Les Pauls, and even some SX Les Paul models. It really outshined the others. It also outstands by the looks.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 08:27am

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Rocktron: Hush Super C | Guitar Effects
I'd definitely recommend the Hush Super-C as a simple and effective tool to plug in, set up and then leave it alone. It is a very effective, high quality piece of kit that is transparent enough that you don't hear any "processing" but you just get quiet and clean operation even in higher gain situations.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 08:53am

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Dean: Dime Dean From Hell Slime | Electric Guitars
The feel of this guitar and its overall style is incredible and unique. I play many styles and this can do everything even goa psychedelic and dubstep and since I'm very open to my music this is extremely versatile.

POSTED: 05/03/2013 09:21am

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