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All Updates [ reviews ]

Fenix By Young Chang: Tm35 | Electric Guitars
My favourite thing is it is a good quality guitar all round, I would say as good as some Traditional marks like Fender. And very very reliable.

POSTED: 07/05/2013 07:10am

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Children Collide: Monument | compact discs
Released: Apr 20, 2012. Genre: Post-Grunge, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock. Label: Universal Music Australia. Number Of Tracks: 12. "Monument" is incomparable to the other albums by Children Collide. It is just different. It doesn't get boring, each song is different, it flows really well and it finishes at the right time. It's a solid album.

POSTED: 07/05/2013 07:29am

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Altar Of Plagues: Teethed Glory & Injury | compact discs
Released: Apr 30, 2013. Genre: Post-Black Metal, Post-Metal. Label: Profound Lore Records. Number Of Tracks: 9. Altar Of Plagues push the limits of black metal by creating powerful atmospheres and do so without having to subject themselves to any generic sounds or using corpse paint.

POSTED: 07/05/2013 07:54am

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Palms: Palms | compact discs
Released: Jun 25, 2013. Genre: Post-Rock, Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock. Label: Ipecac Records. Number Of Tracks: 6. This record from supergroup consisiting of ISIS and Deftones members is a great listen for fans of atmospheric, powerful music.

POSTED: 07/05/2013 08:37am

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Strymon: Bluesky Reverberator | Guitar Effects
It's a very easy-to-use digital reverb unit with fantastic ability to warp and command the characteristics of the reflections - you can create any tone of reverb you want with this unit.

POSTED: 07/05/2013 10:56am

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Peavey: Classic Vtx | Guitar Amplifiers
The amp is very versatile, but has its own character too. Categorized as hybrid, the amp sounds like a tube amp and therefore can make any sound IMO. It definitely belongs to the Vintage group sound wise and can sound Fender-ish.

POSTED: 07/05/2013 11:13am

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