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All Updates [ reviews ]

Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects: Counterclockwise | compact discs
Released: Dec 16, 2012. Genre: Melodic Hard Rock, Progressive Rock. Label: Zeta Factory. Number Of Tracks: 9. "Counterclockwise" is the third and most recent offering by Croatian power rock masters Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects.

POSTED: 07/15/2013 04:28am

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Deep Purple: Shades Of Deep Purple | compact discs
Released: Jul 1968. Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock. Label: Parlophone, Tetragrammaton. Number Of Tracks: 8. "Shades" is the first of the Mk1 albums, and it shares with them the same sound. It really deserves to be heard, especially the solos on the tracks.

POSTED: 07/15/2013 04:54am

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At The Throne Of Judgment: The Arcanum Order | compact discs
Released: Jul 24, 2007. Genre: Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal. Label: Rise Records. Number Of Tracks: 12. From the short opening track, to the final song, this album is all business. Not one single weak song is on this album, it is artfully recorded and produced.

POSTED: 07/15/2013 05:11am

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Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals: Walk Through Exits Only | compact discs
Released: Jul 16, 2013Genre: Groove Metal, Thrash MetalLabel: Housecore RecordsNumber Of Tracks: 8Phil Anselmo continues to release material at a daunting rate, with numerous projects and bands. This is his second release with his solo project but this isn't really derivative of Pantera or Down, so check it out before you buy.

POSTED: 07/15/2013 07:06am

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Jay-Z: Magna Carta... Holy Grail | compact discs
Released: Jul 4, 2013. Genre: Hip-Hop. Label: Roc-A-Fella, Roc Nation, Universal. Number Of Tracks: 16. A welcome change from other recent mainstream rap releases, while there are still a lot of ego driven themes it is mixed with some other fairly diverse subjects and Jay-Z has fun with it.

POSTED: 07/15/2013 08:03am

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Pet Shop Boys: Electric | compact discs
Released: Jul 12, 2013. Genre: Synthpop, Electronic. Label: x2, Kobalt Label Services. Number Of Tracks: 9. The first release from the Pet Shop Boys not to be released on Parlophone, it has its high and low points and at the end of the day is a fairly solid synthpop release.

POSTED: 07/15/2013 08:31am

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Fender: Princeton 650 | Guitar Amplifiers
The 65-watt Princeton 650 gives you seven revolutionary timbre filters, including "Metal Drop Scoop," "Mid Squawk" and "Acoustic Scoop"; plus a digital chromatic tuner and FX select, FX level and time/rate controls.

POSTED: 07/16/2013 02:42am

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