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All Updates [ reviews ]

For The Fallen Dreams: Wasted Youth | compact discs
Released: Jul 17, 2013. Genre: Metalcore, Melodic Hardcore, Post-Hardcore. Label: Artery Recordings. Number Of Tracks: 13. This album did nothing different for metal. There are worse bands in this genre, but this album is not breaking new grounds.

POSTED: 11/08/2013 02:41am

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Fryette: Vaulvulator I | Guitar Effects
There is nothing to using the V1 at all. You just plug it in, plug in your input cord and one or two outputs to run through your pedals to your amps, plug your pedals into its power source, and play with a lot better sound, wet or dry.

POSTED: 11/08/2013 02:47am

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War Of Ages: Return To Life | compact discs
Released: Apr 24, 2012. Genre: Metalcore, Hardcore. Label: Facedown Records. Number Of Tracks: 10. The effort this band brings to the table surpasses just about every average to exceptional band in its genre.

POSTED: 11/08/2013 02:56am

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Epiphone: Goth G-400 | Electric Guitars
22 Frets. Mahogany Neck and Body. 2 Alnico V Humbuckers. Black Chrome Hardware. Set neck joint.

POSTED: 11/08/2013 03:24am

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Carvin: Dc700 | Electric Guitars
For being able to customize this thing to a T, I could not be more satisfied with the price and the overall quality of this masterpiece. Carvin seriously made my dream guitar.

POSTED: 11/08/2013 03:37am

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Stryper: No More Hell To Pay | compact discs
Released: Nov 5, 2013. Genre: Christian Metal, Glam Metal, Heavy Metal. Label: Frontiers Records. Number Of Tracks: 12. With "No More Hell to Pay," Stryper give some of their finest work since their iconic album "To Hell With the Devil."

POSTED: 11/08/2013 04:18am

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James Blunt: Moon Landing | compact discs
Released: Oct 18, 2013. Genre: Pop Rock, Folk Rock. Label: Custard, Atlantic. Number Of Tracks: 11. James Blunt exploded into the international spotlight with the release of his debut album in 2005, and now only 8 short years later he is releasing his fourth studio album - but can he keep repeating his success?

POSTED: 11/08/2013 06:23am

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Cort: Kx-Custom | Electric Guitars
It's the guitar that claims to be, and maybe something more. Like all Cort (and all guitars) it has its points of strength and weakness but it's impressive that a so cheap instrument could give so much.

POSTED: 11/08/2013 08:53am

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