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All Updates [ reviews ]

Ibanez: Rvx220 | Electric Guitars
The X features the classic 24.75" neck, which lends itself to strong rhythm and leads. The bolt on All Access neck joint allows easy access to the upper frets typically associated with set-in and neck thru joints.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 09:42am

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Issues: Issues | compact discs
Released: Feb 18, 2014. Genre: Metalcore, R&B, Pop. Label: Rise Records. Number Of Tracks: 12. In their debut self-titled album, ex-Woe, Is Me members combined metalcore with R&B and pop music and took a new name - Issues.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 10:34am

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Pharrell Williams: G I R L | compact discs
Released: Mar 3, 2014. Genre: Neo Soul, Funk, R&B, Hip-Hop. Label: I Am Other, Columbia. Number Of Tracks: 10. Pharrell Williams, also known as the vocalist of the Daft Punk track, "Get Lucky," as well as the producer, writer or guest vocalist on a very long list of current hits in multiple genres releases his second solo album.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 10:34am

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Manowar: Kings Of Metal Mmxiv | compact discs
Released: Feb 7, 2014. Genre: Heavy Metal, Power Metal. Label: Magic Circle Music. Number Of Tracks: 11. The kings of metal return with a remake so important that it requires Roman numerals.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 10:34am

[ reviews ]
Morley: Power Wah | Guitar Effects
This pedal can match anything you want really.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 02:38pm

[ reviews ]
Cort: Mr710F Se Nat | Acoustic Guitars
Basically it is the best sound out of all the guitars around this price range in the shop. I was totally surprised at how well it sounds plugged in.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 02:59pm

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Line 6: Spider Iv 30 | Guitar Amplifiers
This amp is a brand new 2009 model. It has 4 channels, and a built in tuner as well as several different distortion settings and effects.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 03:08pm

[ reviews ]
Soldano: Hot Rod 100 Plus | Guitar Amplifiers
I been playing for 23 years and was a Marshall and Mesa guy but was never satisfied I was always searching, when I tried this I was floored, blown away!

POSTED: 03/05/2014 03:33pm

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Fernandes: Ravelle Deluxe | Electric Guitars
Obviously this isn't a guitar for a strat/superstrat player. If you do like a single cutaway short scale guitar, that has a little bit of a nasty side though, then this guitar is definitely one to consider.

POSTED: 03/05/2014 03:34pm

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Paul Rodgers: The Royal Sessions | compact discs
Released: Feb 4, 2014. Genre: Blues, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Covers. Label: 429 Records, Pie Records. Number Of Tracks: 10. Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers gives his own take on blues and soul classics throughout his first new solo effort in fourteen years, "The Royal Sessions."

POSTED: 03/06/2014 02:25am

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Wolves Like Us: Black Soul Choir | compact discs
Released: Feb 24, 2014. Genre: Post-Hardcore, Stoner Rock. Label: Prosthetic Records. Number Of Tracks: 11. Don't judge a book by its cover - while "Black Soul Choir" may read like a heavy-hitting album, it unfortunately sounds bland and tiresome.

POSTED: 03/06/2014 02:52am

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