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All Updates [ reviews ]

Entombed A.d.: Back To The Front | compact discs
Released: Aug 4, 2014. Genre: Death Metal, Death 'n' Roll. Label: Century Media. Number Of Tracks: 11. The band, Entombed, went through some internal issues and came out the other side by giving each of the founding members stake in the ownership of the band's name, thus the current lineup has changed its name to Entombed A.D., though they've continued along the lines of "death 'n' roll" that has become their signature sound.

POSTED: 08/11/2014 03:46am

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B.c. Rich: Ironbird One | Electric Guitars
Flying into the danger zone and back into shredder's hands - the highly requested Ironbird is back!

POSTED: 08/11/2014 05:12am

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Bare Knuckle Pickups: Black Hawk | Pickups
They're decidedly modern sounding pickups, sand if you're looking for a great set of metal pickups, Bare Knuckle Black Hawks definitely do the job.

POSTED: 08/11/2014 05:18am

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Wall-Axe: Soloist: Guitar & Accessory Hanger | Others
This has proven to be very useful for me. I'm notorious for carry picks and straps and capos from guitar case to guitar case and forgetting which one I left each item in.

POSTED: 08/11/2014 07:15am

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Michael Williams: Blues Guitar Technique | books
In this book/audio set, Michael Williams teaches various constructs of blues in the styles of B.B. King, Albert Collins, T-Bone Walker, Jimmy Reed and other legends.

POSTED: 08/11/2014 09:50am

[ reviews ]
Admiral Angry: Buster | compact discs
Released: Jul 6, 2009. Genre: Sludge, Sludgecore. Label: Shelsmusic. Number Of Tracks: 9. "Buster" certainly has a huge problem for me: it set the bar so high for heavy music. This album completely changed my opinion on heavy bands. Most riffs or breakdowns people show me don't even compare because this album set the bar high.

POSTED: 08/11/2014 10:57am

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