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Gabe_22's UG IQ log [ last 6 months ]

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a month ago TPA +1 Upvoted a correction of Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan (chords)
2 months ago Tabs +5 Future - Mask Off Intro (tab) was approved
2 months ago Tabs +5 Kyle - Ispy Intro (tab) was approved
3 months ago Tabs +5 Marian Hill - Down Intro (tabs) was approved
5 months ago Tabs +10 Olivia Newton-John - Greensleeves Acoustic (chords) was approved
5 months ago TPA +1 Commented on Olivia Newton-John... (chords) in the Pending Approval queue
5 months ago TPA +1 Upvoted Twenty One Pilots - Truce (tabs)
6 months ago Tabs +5 Misc Television - Sleep Country Theme Intro (tabs) was approved