What is the UG IQ?

The UG IQ is a point system which represents two things at once – how knowledgeable you are and how much the Ultimate Guitar community trusts you and your work (tabs, chords, articles and comments). Basic use of the site, including posting tabs, comments, replying, and suggesting edits to tabs, does not require any UG IQ. But the more reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain.

The UG IQ’s main goal is to reward users for catalog improvements. By this we mean both quality and quantity improvements. In addition to this, the system also rewards users who make contributions to the rest of the site and community, such as useful (or fun) comments (though those improve your IQ to a lesser degree).

IQ points for submitting articles, tabs and chords

Every time you submit tablature, a chord sheet or an article to the site you receive points. This is the basis of the entire system. When you submit tablature for a song that was requested by others, you'll get more points. When you add tablature that takes more time to transcribe (in most cases, a Guitar Pro tab is way harder to make than a chord sheet) – you get more points. Read our guide to make sure your tab meets UG standards.

Reviews, news articles and lessons IQ
News article (community feed) +5
News article (feature, interview, music news) +15
Review +15
Lesson +20
UG wiki IQ
Wiki article +20
Wiki revision +2
Chords approved IQ
Chords (intro) Not accepted
Chords (solo) Not accepted
Chords (whole song) +10
Chords (album) +20
Text tab approved IQ
Tab (intro) +5
Tab (solo) +5
Tab (whole song) +20
Tab (album) +30
Guitar Pro / Power tab tab approved IQ
Guitar Pro / Power tab (intro) +5
Guitar Pro / Power tab (solo) +5
Guitar Pro / Power tab (whole song) +30
Guitar Pro / Power tab (album) Not accepted
Tab quality and request queue bonuses IQ
Song from the request queue
(also depends on the number of upvotes for the request, one upvote – +1 IQ)
Chords include strumming pattern +5
Includes meta data (genre, capo, difficulty & description) +1

Except tabs for Misc Traditional, Misc Praise Songs, Misc Christmas, Misc Children, Lessons - Guitar, Misc Mashups and Misc Originals.

IQ points for your activity in the UG community

Pending Approval queue IQ
New comment +1
New tab vote +1
Tab correction vote +1
My tab correction was approved +2
Added meta information +1
Meta information correction for someone else's song (for mods and level V tab authors) +1


There is a special collection of trophies you can collect over time for these achievements.
Each collected trophy adds extra +10 to your UG IQ! Some of the trophies can be collected multiple times too.

Tab trophies Descriptions x2 Multiple?
I'm helpful My tab added to favorites 100 times No
Life saver My tab added to favorites 1,000 times No
HQ tabs club My tab rated 10 times (3, 4, 5 stars) No
D.M.A.* My tab rated 100 times (3, 4, 5 stars) No
Epic My tab rated 1,000 times (3, 4, 5 stars) No
Strike I have submitted 10 tabs in a week (starting Sunday) No
Hurricane I have submitted 30 tabs in a week (starting Sunday) No
Tab expert I have commented and voted 50 times in Pending Approval queue in a week (starting Sunday) No
Commenting trophies Action x2 Multiple?
No-life Posted comment selected as the best one Yes
Shitgood Posted comment selected as a crappy one Yes
Misc trophies Action x2 Multiple?
Registered Registered user No
Avatar Uploaded avatar No
Numero Uno #1 contributor of a week Yes
Forum trophies Action x2 Multiple?
Mayor I got "mayor of a thread" status Yes
Socialifarian My forum thread got 30 replies or 1,000 views (except for The Pit) Yes
Forum expert My forum thread got 1,000 replies or 100,000 views (except for The Pit) Yes

* D.M.A. - Doctor of musical arts

How do I earn more IQ points?

Generally, this is the way UG IQ system works – the more actively you add HQ content, the more points you earn. Be active in the community, listen to what other people suggest as a way to improve your work. Talk with other authors and help new members. Here is a list of things that may help you get more IQ:

  1. Add a tab for a newly/recently released song – new tabs usually receive more points because they are in a higher demand.
  2. Add unique versions of a song, e.g. a live version with some changes to the original.
  3. Follow UG Tablature standards. They are designed to make tabs look perfect both on desktop and mobile devices and generally earn more points.
  4. Reply to comments and tab corrections. People love when they are listened to and tend to leave higher ratings, which affects reactions to your contribution – ratings, favorites, comments.
  5. Make sure you visit the Tab Requests section regularly. You get more points for fulfilling tab requests.
  6. Have fun in articles ;-) Golden comments receive a special IQ bounty.